May 25, 2018 10:17 am

How to become a member?

Come along to one of our training sessions (Click on the Locations menu for training times and venues) and ask for a captain or committee member.

In order to play for the club in league matches (ABSSA for men’s and vets or URBSFA for ladies) you need to be formally registered as club member with the Federation. For this, you need to sign a green card (ABSSA) or *** (URBSFA). If you have no Belgian ID or similar document, we need to get you a Federation card. For this, you need to bring along two passport photos and a copy of your national ID or passport.

Types of membership

You can join the club as full member (if you want to play in competitive matches) or social member (to only participate in trainings, club events, help out occasionally as delegate or player).


Benefits offered to members include:


For season 2020/21, the following fees apply:

Full membership:  160 EUR
Student/trainee/unemployed:   80 EUR
Social membership:   70 EUR (social members can train regularly but play no more than 4 competitive games)

The fees are the club’s main revenue and are needed to pay the Leagues´ and refereeing costs, training facilities and equipment.


Please pay your subscription into the  FC Irlande bank a/c: 


Account number: BE39 3631 3123 8919
BIC : BBRUBEBB (If paying from abroad)

Avenue des Sittelles 58
1150 Bruxelles

Make sure your name is mentioned and which team you play for.
 (If you are a new player then put New Player instead of a specific team squad.