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May 26, 2018 5:12 pm

FCI Captains’ Cheatsheet


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Upon becoming a club member, hence agreeing with the player charter, players understand that they may be called upon by their team captain(s) to undertake the following tasks on match-day.

The following is a list of the tasks required on match-day. Tasks should be assigned in advance of a match. Captains may use the below template to keep track of who undertakes each task every week, or tasks can be assigned through SportEasy (instructions below).

The job of délegué(e) is an important one and may differ according to league. It is recommended to appoint a délégué(e) before the match to allow players and coach to focus on preparing to play. The délégué(e) should welcome the opposition team and referee, stay composed and calm your team down in case of trouble, and aim to make the referee feel comfortable, e.g. ask them before, during (at half-time) and after the game if they have everything needed.



What does the déléguée do?

Who can be déléguée?

Before the game 


During the game

After the game



Payment: sandwiches, water and ref



Note that the list of tasks allocated to the délégué below is quite extensive and most often, many of these will be carried out by the captain, vice-captain, or anyone willing to help. The only requirement from ABSSA is that the home team (but not the away team) have a délégué present at all times during the match, and from a club perspective our priority is that that person should be someone who represents the club gracefully (available, helpful, respectful and polite to the referee and the opposition, etc.), and the captain will no doubt appreciate having a proactive délégué who helps with the tasks below as much as they can, but as long as all of the below are covered in an organised manner, they need not be carried out specifically by the délégué.


Before the game:                      

During the game:

At halftime:

After the game:




SportEasy Instructions

Assign a task from the website, via a computer 💻

You must be “coach“, “player coach” or at least “Admin” of the team to be able to assign a task.

Here is what you can do from the site:


Create, edit, and delete tasks

To create new tasks, go to the setting gear to the right of the main menu of your team’s site and click on “Manage the tasks”.

Then, click “Create a task”.

You will be able to name the task and choose a suitable icon.


> Name and attach an icon to your tasks. You can create as many tasks as you want. You can also edit and delete them from the same task

Assign a task to a player

Once the tasks have been created, you can assign them to one or more players on your team for all your events.

Going to your game sheet, you will find the action icon “Assign a task”:


Click on this icon: you can choose the task to assign (or create a new one), select the player (s) responsible for this task, notify them by email of this assignment and add a personalized message to this email.


After confirming, the icon corresponding to the task will appear next to the designated players.



Unassign a task from a player