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FC Ireland ladies 3, after a 2 week break, came full force to face Jodoigne. Despite possession and domination, Jodoigne scored the first goal with a nice sequence through their right wing. She lobbed the ball over our well placed Mariana. But minutes later, FC Ireland hit back with a magnificent combination through our own right wing, Francesca, and center mid, Sarah. Francesca’s notorious speed and moves allowed for a perfectly placed pass so that Sarah, with ease, placed the ball in the lower left corner of the net.

The teams battled on, FC Ireland’s midfield and defense rarely let an occasion pass, but unfortunately due to a mishap of passes Jodoigne was able to sneak one past us, literally.

But this did not stop the fighting force. Eli, FC Ireland’s striker, on every ball, pressuring along with left winger Liesbeth, was able to send the ball to Francesca, who once again, kept her cool and scored FC Ireland’s second goal.

Until the final whistle, FC Ireland fired away multiple shots, but with no luck. The game was to end a tie, 2-2. The defense, along with FC Ireland’s goalkeeper, Mariana, remained a wall during the second half. Midfield stringed through many passes for many- MANY- occasions. It was an excellent game to watch, well done ladies!

The match started with a very good pace, with both teams fighting hard for the ball. Slowly fc irlande started controlling the midfield, with some great skills shown from all our players. This team- play was rewarded by our first goal, when Fransesca broke free on the right and made a wonderful pass to Juliette who was in perfect position to make it 1-0. Fc Irlande kept up the pressure and was soon rewarded with a free kick, which was brilliantly converted by Dara. 2-0 for our ladies! We finished the first half with another goal from Dara.

The second half was very rough, with many fouls made by our opponent. The constant pressure of Nivellois led to their first goal. The second goal of Nivellois was scored by a penalty, a highly debatable decision, but we kept defending resolutely to hold on for the win!3-2 Final score! A well deserved win for our ladies in green!


Another amazing team performance by Ladies 3, on a blissful Sunday morning, at the home grounds of RRC Boitsfort.
Right from the beginning, FCI took control over the ball and Juliette opened the score by kicking one of her signature strong shots high up in the corner of the net. Several shots towards both goalies were exchanged in the next 10 minutes and RRC Boitsfort brought back the intrigue in the game- 1:1.
The ladies in green managed to keep their focus and shorty after that, in the 16’ min, Juliette again
gave the advantage to the FCI with a brilliant shot near the goalkeeper.
Defense and midfield were at the top of their game with good communication and passes between

Half time: FCI leads 2:1

At the beginning of the second half, FCI did a couple of chess moves and placed their formidable
midfielder Sarah N., who was on fire the whole game (thanks also to the additional support from her family), on the left wing. That new formation led to Sarah giving an assist to Francesca who gave a lot of safety in the team by scoring for 3:1 and minutes after that again for 4:1.
At this score, it was time for the players on the bench to join the fun and shorty after her debut on
the field, Elena boosted the score to 5:1.
Naturally, given the result, there was a bit of loosening amongst the green team, so RRC Boitsfort
managed to give back another goal.

Final score RRC Boitsfort – FCI 2:5

It must be Noted that it was a game with great sportsmanship from the players of both teams. It was nice to see the group of spectators on the side applauding both teams at the end of the game.
And to finish off with the wise words recently said by our wonderful coach Mathias: “…amazing work ladies….we keep fighting for the top spots”!
Next stop: home game VS RCS Nivellois

FC Ireland had to face BX Brussel B this time, a strong opponent with young players and efficient technical skills.
The first half was all green and at 16th minute a great exchange between Francesca and Liesbet provided the ball to Juliette who scored without any mercy.
At 21st minute, an amazing combination between Rebecca and Juliette brought the ball just few centimeters on the left of the opponent football goal.
A great performance of the green goalkeeper Mariana, who made few perfect saves and left no space to the BX Brussel B strikers.
At 36th minute, Francesca, thanks to a great assist of Rebecca, scored an amazing goal.
The second half did not go as planned and BX Brussels B started with a very intense rhythm and after 15 minutes, the home team scored the first goal followed by another after the following 15 minutes.
That was a good fight from the Ladies in green who are waiting to face this team again!

“On a cold, rainy and moody Sunday morning, Ladies III had to fight hard against the good team of Wavre. After a difficult start and 2 goals from their opponents, their fighting spirit was rewarded when Elena pushed the ball in the goals, after their goalie was put in difficulty by a powerfull shot from Francesca. The intensity kept growing and FC Ireland managed to draw thanks to a penalty. Unfortunatly, Wavre eventually scored a third goal, leaving our ladies and coach frustrated and disappointed. We’ll however remember the good spirit, both on the field and in the changing room.

The ladies in green, playing home on a sunny Saturday evening, had yet another great performance against the challenging team of Etterbeek. The final result was 2-0, but the opportunities to score were abundant. Liesbet, who played right wing, was the author of both goals. The first goal, early in, at minute 10 of the first half, resulted from a brilliant assistance from Elena. At minute 42,  Rebecca made a long shot to the goal, which the goal keeper managed to stop, but Liesbet followed the ball and managed to push it inside the goal with a short touch, resulting in the second and last goal of the match. FC Irlande came back from the break confident and eager to score more goals, but despite the clear dominance and several scoring occasion during the whole 90min, the shots from our advanced players either missed the goal or were defended. In sum, it was a pleasant match, with lots of nice plays, fair play from both teams and an encouraging number of supporters. Looking forward for the next one already. Go Irlande!

FC Irlande arrived at Saintoise on a beautiful sun for their first away game. Bumpy and downhill pitch didn’t manage to take their motivation away, though it took the defence few minutes to be fully present (3’ to be accurate). First goal from Saintoise, offside according to FC Irlande coach, which the referee didn’t see, as well as other obvious fault. Ladies in green showed their presence fast after with a goal from Virg. Second goal was from Saintoise in her own net, trying to defence the good pressure of our attackers. 3-1 and 4-1 followed quite soon, also Virginie’s hard work. Very surprisingly, the opponent got a penalty and score the 2-5. Francesca putted the 6th goal just before the half time.

FC Irlande had no mercy and  added two other goals in the second half, one from Francesca, the other which she was also part of, putting a ball at the penalty spot for Carmen perfectly positioned. Last but not least, Saintoise putted a great shot from far away and ended the game on 3-8, final score. First away game victory !

After losing  a tight game the week before Ladies 3 went in search of the first points of this season in their first home game. Opponent FC Kosova brought an FC Irlande classic with them as a coach, the one and only Men’s 1 Michael. Rumour has it he is a nice person and good coach, so FC Irelande was warned. As there was no ref to start the game we had a  very professional replacement that started the game before being replaced by another ref after 20 minutes.

The game itself was a pleasure to watch, two teams that played an open game and looked for the passes. FC Irlande proved to be the better team as they opened the score after only 3 minutes with a beautiful build up that ended by Juliette scoring on assist by Francesa. The second goal followed around 15 minutes later where Rebecca sent Fra alone towards the goalie and she placed it calmy to her left. Before halftime it was Julliette (again on  assist from Francesca) that put in the 3-0. FCI was very dominant and could’ve scored one or two more.

In the second half the game was balanced the first 20 minutes. Sandra took the first yellow card of the season (which could’ve been a red), a bit later Fra got pulled down in the box: penalty! Julliette was in a forgiving mood  as she placed the penalty perefectly in the hands of the opposing goalkeeper. As darkness fell Kosova scored three 3-1. The final goal came by Julliette again: 4-1. A beautiful performance  from the team that shows a lot of progress. And with the newcomers that are eager to make their debut we can tell you: ladies 3 will surprise everyone this season!

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#6 October 9, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 2 Report BX. Brussels B
#7 October 17, 2021 RRC Boitsfort 2 - 5 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#8 October 23, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R.C.S. Nivellois
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FC Irlande Ladies 3

  • Coaches : Mathias Neelen & Julian Rueda
  • Captains : Francesca Cattarin & Béatrice Ericson

Top goals scorers

  • Juliette 9
  • Fransesca 7
  • Virginie 3
  • Liesbet 2
  • Elena 2
  • Dara 2
  • Carmen 1
  • Sarah 1

Top goals assists

  • Fransesca 5
  • Rebecca 3
  • Teresa 1
  • Elena 1
  • Sarah 1
  • Liesbet 1