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On Sunday, 2 October, FC Irlande Ladies III played against R.A.S. Jodoigne Women B.

The game was tough and physical, and FCI was forced to play mostly a defensive match. The clearest scoring chance for FCI III arrives during the first half, with Sanda entering the opponent’s penalty area and trying to score. A series of corners will follow that, unfortunately, will not convert into goals. The first goal of Jodoigne arrives at the 16’. During the first half, FCI managed to neatly defend, nullifying all the offensive effort of the opponent.

The second half starts with Jodoigne’s second goal (47’), with the third goal coming from a free-kick scored at the 60’. Not many chances to go to the opponent’s penalty areas, but a lot of fights in midfield to get the ball. The match finishes with the fourth and last Jodoigne’s goal at the 93’.

Winning is not important, it is the only thing that matters. Well, after today’s match, all the players of FCI III know how false this assumption is. 4-0 defeat, and we could not be prouder of how we played, all the fights to conquer the ball, and the effort we put in every action.

As highlighted before, during and after the game, FCI III is blessed with an amazing team spirit on and off the pitch. But it is also worth mentioning individual performances. Marie and Sandra, both of them voted as “best player”, guided and motivated the team throughout the game with their “up”, “you know where the ball is going”, and “amazing, girls”. They were the pillars that allowed the team to remain tight and play with solidity. And remember to NEVER be behind Sandra.

Honourable mention also to Noami and Sophie, that sacrificed their physical integrity for the team. Get well soon!

On Saturday, 25 September, FC Irlande Ladies III faced, in the first of a series of Brussels clashes, Black Star FC.

FCI started the match with a bit of confusion, with the Black Star putting pressure on the team and obtaining a corner soon after the kick-off. FCI players organise on the pitch in a few minutes and demonstrate an excellent ability to control the game. FCI scores the first goal of the night with Antonia, which is disallowed due to a substitution made by the opponent team. A few minutes later, the first valid goal will be scored by Black Star at the 30’.

The second half begins 1-0, and FCI starts with the belief of catching up with Black Star. Except for some occasions conceded, FCI dominates the second half, and we can smell the goal was about to come. Following a corner, Teresa gets a penalty for a handball in the box. Madde places the ball on the spot and perfectly converts the penalty at 89’. Not much time left for other emotions, and the referee blows the final whistle ending the match 1-1.

The so badly craved and deserved FCI III first point has arrived, and it will represent an incredible motivation to keep on working.

It was the first match of the season in which FCI created more chances and game compared to the opponent demonstrating remarkable growth and improvement after one month of training together. Match after match, the players are more confident and talk more with each other. The increased communication is beneficial for both the defensive and offensive phase, with more offside tactic applied and more ball circulation to arrive at the opponent’s penalty area.

Even though disallowed, Antonia’s goal will always remain in our hearts.

On Wednesday, 21 September, FC Irlande Ladies III vs R.R.C. Etterbeek took place, the first home game for Ladies III.

During the first half, we saw a tight game. FCI put pressure on their defence resulting in corners and free kicks and giving continuity to its offensive manoeuvre. Some suffering in the defensive phase due to the Etterbeek incursions was solved with a small tactical change on the right wing. But in the last minutes of the first half, Etterbeek found its way to score the match’s first goal.

In the second half, FCI tests a defensive line with four players for the first time, proving to be solid and reliable as a back three. The second part of the game continues along the lines of the first half. Etterbeek will score the other two goals ending the match 3-0. However, the fact remains that FCI players made an incredible performance.

In the first match at home, FCI showed defensive solidity and the ability to keep the ball in the opponent’s half of the pitch. Fewer shots were conceded, and more offensive occasions and pressure were produced. Therefore, the one played on Wednesday against Etterbeek was an extremely close match.

This time, a little bit of disappointment was in the air at the end of the match. Not because of the performance, but because the team, now more aware of its qualities and the progress made, knew that it deserved more.

How not to mention the incredible FCI Irlande supporters that, to the cry of “Don’t stop believing because I won’t”, encouraged the team throughout the game.

On Friday, 9 September, the FC Irlande Ladies football weekend started with Ladies III facing FC Ronvau Chaumont.

The match that took place yesterday, 9 September, was a challenging game against an opponent steadily putting pressure on the FCI. FC Ronvau Chaumont opened the scoring at 25’, making other 3 goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half at 30’, 40’ and 45’.Despite some incursion in the opponent’s half of the pitch, the first half finished with the result of 4-0 for FC Chaumont.

As in the previous match, Ladies III showed an impressive commitment and fighting spirit entering the field in the second half, not giving up despite the adverse results, encouraged and guided by the words and directions of the coach.

A change in the FCI tactics during the second half helped the team to defend better. Alice in midfield took care of the number 29 of FC Ronvau Chaumont fiercely growling on her ankles. Thanks to this move, the opponent became less dangerous, and the FCI could maintain a more solid defence. At 55’, the first goal of the FCI Ladies III season arrived. The goal-scorer was Naomi, elected player of the game, that in front of the goalkeeper, could not miss the chance after a beautiful assist (avec ses boobs) from Amina. FC Ronvau Chaumont will score again at 70’ and 82’ with a spectacular free kick, and at the final whistle, the match will be 6-1.

A work-in-progress team with lots of new players, conscious of the difficulties and pitfalls this season will reserve, FCI Ladies III constantly work to improve and be ready for future challenges. Another game played, even if it is a defeat, means more experience, team spirit and awareness in its own means.

On Saturday, 3 September, FC Irlande Ladies III played its debut match of the season against R. Union Lasne Ohain Woman B.

In the first minutes of the game, FCI created some excellent chances to score. Unfortunately, the team did not manage to concretise these chances into goals, and at 15’, the first goal for Union Lasne Ohain arrived. Thanks to good defending, FCI maintain the result until the end of the first half when Union Lasne Ohain found the second goal of the match at 48’.

Despite being 2 goals down, FCI started the second half with hunger, motivation and tenaciousness. Compared to the first half, during the second half, a significant improvement in positioning and timing was clear, allowing the team to play more in the opponent’s half of the pitch and put pressure on the opponent’s defence. The last goal of Union Lasne Ohain arrived at 79’. A light drizzle accompanied the teams in the last minutes of the second half, ending the game with the final goal of 3-0 for the home team.

The first game turned into a defeat; however, positive elements and room for improvement are recognisable. At the final whistle, FCI players seemed far from being demotivated, understanding that the final score does not say everything about a match. Despite being the first game played together for most of the team, FCI Ladies III has shown an incredible team spirit and commitment.

The season will be challenging, but FCI will fight on every pitch in every game with lots of will, courage and love.

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FC Irlande Ladies 3

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  • Captain : Marilena Zammit
  • Captain : Sophie Lopez

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