Happy New Year from FC Irlande


Christmas Dinner

FCI  Christmas Dinner   Date : Saturday December 10th   Time : 20.30   Location : La Soeur du Patron   Price  :  35 Euros   Register : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vE6zlAIw0hS1VYZmEkBudcRS41OFVNn6cQejIXGHxhk/edit#gid=0


FC Irlande will participate in Movember to raise
awareness about mental health and suicide 
prevention,prostate cancer,and testicular cancer.
By growing moustaches,hosting events,or setting
personal fitness goals, we’ll join millions of
people around the world who are helping men live
happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Join FC Irlande and take part in Movember. 
We’ll have fun, do a heap of good, and learn all
about men’s health. You can join our team here:

Here’s what we’re doing.

We’re growing Mo’s to start conversations about
men’s health.

With the money raised,Movember will fund 
groundbreaking health projects across mental
health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer
and testicular cancer.

Join our team here:

Head to movember.com for more information.