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Lovely weather to play a nice game vs Tourinnois.
Solid starting line up from the boys in green with one of the strongest bench of the league
Energy was not really here first half where a couple of mistakes made Tourinnois led 1-0 at half time.
Few minutes after second half, a red card toward FC Irlande followed by 2 others goals from the opponent and we thought the match was over.
But this is not knowing les gars, where they decided to show a bit of intensity and fighting spirit. Nice counter attack from Lorenz, great work from Amadou, nice unselfish pass from Gabi to Lorenz, and lucky goal from Lorenz.
Few minutes later, the best center back / striker of the league, that would have been selected for the World Cup if Macedonia wasn’t too strong as opponent, Matteo managed to score another goal with 3 minutes to play. But it was too late
3-2 for Tourinnois.

I could copy paste what Gabi wrote, this is exactly my mentality right now and it should be the same for everyone.
Love you

The seconds were travelling to Enghien with a dire need to get a win. Despite a late arrival and a short warm up due to a an administrative confusion, the boys in green started the game seriously as a block. The game was even with some chances on both sides until a deadly counter attack: Ionut with a long ball from the left to Gaby on the right who gave the ball to Lolo at the entrance of the box for a beautiful shot with a bounce that left the keeper jumping on the grass/swamp in vain. Some minutes in the second half, the opponent obtained a free kick 20m away, the guy shot right in the wall (which Donald Trump wouldn’t have been proud of), the ball passed through it and one of their strikers just had to shoot leaving no chance to Max. A few minutes later, Brioche got the ball back in our half, immediately launched Lolo with a nice pass on the right side, who then had a solo run, entering the box and shooting to the second post making it 1-2 for Ireland. Brioche then almost scored one of the goals of the season with a stunning volley from 35m away which unfortunately ended up on the cross bar. The last 15min of the game saw the opponent pushing hard with a couple of chances and only counter attacks for the boys in green. A couple of yellow cards on both sides but no other goal in this game and the final score was 1-2. A great win for the team that desperately needed it!
MOTM: Lolo

On a calm and cool Saturday morning, the seconds had an important task in front of them to put an end to the series of losses. The pressure was on and the team got pumped up for the game by some neatly selected Black Sabbath tunes.

The game started with a rather low intensity, with some half chances for both sides, mainly from set pieces. The opposition played through the Greens’ lines with some smart one-two combinations. One of these proved fatal for Ireland, as their striker was played through with a double one-two down their right wing and finished calmly with a low strike. The first half ended with some better movements from Ireland and after a minor collision between the keeper and Amadou the former produced a racist slur, after which he was rightly sent off.

Even though the Greens had some issues with discipline in the first half, the half time helped to regain concentration. During the second half, the Greens were producing some good passing, without being enough clinical in and near the opposition box. The opposite team made their bets on parking the bus, wasting time and occasionally counter-attacking, being a man down.

The answer from the Irish did not seem to be coming, until Alex picked up a loose ball outside of the 16-yard box, controlled the ball nicely, slalomed past three defenders and guided the ball in the top-left corner. With five minutes remaining, it was the opposition that reacted and with 10 men tried to push for the winner. The goalkeeper Christian also had to step up on one occasion. It ended 1-1 and the boys in Green managed to end the losing streak, while being disappointed with not getting more out of the second half with one man up.

In a beautiful summer (ooops November) afternoon the Seconds faced Braine Storming, high ranked in the league. There were all the conditions to have a tough match, hot weather, one sub obly for us, tough opponents with many subs available and few men available for the boys in green. Kepa J Rueda was protecting the goal of the Irish. From the beginning of the match the men in green showed their fighting spirit and the match was even till we made two unlucky passes and the men from Brain l’Alleud scored twice in the first ten minutes. This didn t put us down and we fought courageously till the moment that Alvaro put a brilliant corner and Ryan with a strong header put the results on the 1-2. With few minutes to go we created more occasions with a couple of corners for us, great finish of the first half. The two teams were at the same level in the game. The second half started well with a great pressure by us but after ten minutes a shot from outside the box by the Braine team ended in the top corner of the goal of the Irish. The men in green were still in the game and Alex with a great kick hit the post at the right side of the keeper. Few minutes later an unlucky bouncing in front of our box produced the 1-4. Again, we did not give up and beautiful actions were created by us and we hit a cross bar with a great header of Lolo. Great courage! Just before the end we got the 1-5 in a obvious counter attack by l ‘Alleud boys and soon was the end. Tough loss, but many positive points to bring with us with all the opportunities created by the Green boys! Heads up we will come back stronger!

Bitter, bitter, bitter loss against Beans on Toast United. Completely underserved. The Seconds adjusted the lineup and were in total control through out the affair. The Brits capitalized on two speculative crosses in the Irlande box to take home as many points as they’ve had prime ministers in the last three years.

Back at home after two weeks playing away. The game didn’t start well for the Seconds as they concede the first goal after a few minutes. But we kept pushing and managed to score just before halftime thanks to a header of Matteo. 1-1. Unfortunately the boys in green were again down one goal after a lucky goal of the opponent. Final result : 1-2.

Short report: Tough day for the boys in green vs. Curtis L’Ausele. Started off on the back foot, went down a goal after a couple minutes, 0-1. The situation didn’t improve, and shortly after FCI conceded a second, 0-2. Play continued, and a bright spot in the form of Benjamin Benjaloun presented itself, slotting home a clinical finish from a Gaby assist, 2-1. Before the halftime whistle, Curtis was able to put away another goal, 3-1. After the half, FCI had a multitude of chances but no resulting goals. Final whistle blew, 3-1 full time score.

During one of the maybe last splendid Saturday’s of the year, the Irish convincingly showed their determination at the Lorraine’s pitch to follow up with their good start into the season. A good half was early on marked by strong pressure on the opposite defense. Gaby, in a sly way, seized the ball from the last defender and got it in the low right back. 1-0 for Irelande. The first half was pretty much dominated by the Greens. Amadou and Benji had opportunities, our midfield dominated.However, Lorraine attacked severely at the beginning of the first half and surprised our team with an early equalizer. The Greens started to lose a bit of discipline and the easy game flow it displayed in the first half. Some opportunities in the box have not been seized and Lorraine consequently scored the winning goal. Final result, 2-1. Fc Irelande 2 knows they can do better and will rise next week, without a doubt 💚🤍

Unfortunate 1-1 draw at the fortress of Nossegem against a decent Besace (pronounce Italian style Versace) side. The boys in green had the control of the ball most of the 1st half but struggled to create proper goal scoring opportunities. 0-0 at half-time. A cross at the beginning of the 2nd half and Irlande were 0-1 down but heads up. Quickly after another cross now from Gabi and a header by Amadou and it was 1-1. Then a dominating last 20 minutes with several chances here and there but the score didn’t change. Final whistle.
Onto the next challenge at home next weekend!

Comfortable win in the end for the 2nds in the season opener. After a 0-0 first half lacking quality, the 2nds burst into life the 2nd, going 0-2 up through Mathias Gineste and Villu. Scheut pulled one back through a dubious penalty, before Amadou ran through to bury a third goal and kill the tie. Could have been 6 or 7 in the end with more clinical finishing, but a great start to the new season all round!

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#24 March 25, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 - Cobra Team

FC Irlande Men 2

  • Coach : John-Simon Sparks
  • Captain : Ryan Self

Top goals scorers

  • Lorenz Blanco 3
  • Amadou Boubacar 2
  • Matteo Riceputi 2
  • Benjamin Benjelloun 1
  • Gabriel Jacqmin 1
  • Matthias Gineste 1
  • Alex Redmond 1
  • Ryan Self 1
  • Villu Varjas 1

Top goals assists

  • Gabriel Jacqmin 4
  • Benjamin Benjelloun 1
  • Lorenz Blanco 1
  • Benjamin Le Coz 1
  • Alvaro Lopez 1
  • John-Simon Sparks 1