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4ths traveled to the country side for an early kick off again New Arquois 2. Upon arriving it became clear why the opponent won the majority of their points at home: a waterlogged pitch with a massive slope.
Going downhill in the first half, 4ths were able to score from their first chance. Fabi’s well placed shot from the edge of the box found the back of the net.
Despite the lead, we were not able to control the game. The home team was simply better prepared to play under these difficult circumstances and managed to equalise after a corner.
Second half, up the hill, the boys in green tried to push towards the goal, but we were not able to create clear chances, while Matteo kept us in the game with some amazing saves.
Full time 1:1.
Man of the match: Matteo

4ths hosted Colo Colo for the clash of Titans in Division 3D. The first half started difficult, against the wind and uphill. The boys in green kept a tight defensive line and didn’t allow any chances aside the occasional long range shot into the arms of Matteo.
Playing with the wind in the second half, the 4ths got more dominant and pushed Colo Colo in, only to concede from a counter. 1:0 for Colo Colo.
But as so often this season, the 4ths fought back. Fabi sent Tiago who remained cool in fro of the goal and equalised. Our continuous efforts were rewarded just some minutes later when Fabi assisted for Maks, who chipped the goalie to score his first goal for FC Irlande. After 10 more minutes of great defensive work, 4ths could claim their 6ths win in a row. Now being joint top of the league.
Men of Match: Tiago and Maks

Back at nosseghem today after 3 wins away, the 4ths started the game very strong.
Tiago scored the opener after 2 mins after dribbling the keeper. The opponent then became more and more dangerous and got the equalizer in a counter after a free-kick in our favour. 1-1 HT. The game looked like a fair draw but Fabi disagreed and as imitation to Tiago dribbled his opponent, passed the keeper and put it in.
Last 5 mins were just defending to keep the 3 points and get a 5th win in a row.
2-1, motm Fabi

4ths win in a row for the 4ths today.
Everything was done in the 1st half. We scored first with an amazing shot from Lorenzo for his 1st goal in green.
Opposition equalized on their only shot on target with 10 mins left in the first half.
Greens didn’t give up and reacted a couple of minutes after with the 2nd goal in 2 games from Gianluca after a Fabi assist.
2-1 HT with a good performance of our guys.
2nd half wasn’t great, we mainly stayed solid, smart and well positioned to keep the 3 points.
Not an amazing game but a great team spirit and 3 points. Thats all that matters.
1-2 win. Motm Lorenzo

4ths faced a copycat Irish team called Celtic Roosters out in Wavre on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We started strong and went ahead after 5 minutes when Nick’s long range free kick got longer and longer and finally went in. Serious in defense, we continued to control the game and could double the lead, again Nick with a free kick.
The Roosters pushed in the beginning of the second half, but kept calm and closed the game with two counters. Tiago, Gianluca in his first game, and Fabi found the back of the net.
Great team performance all around and the third win with a clean sheet in a row.
5-0 final score.
Nick MotM

4ths had an away game in anderlecht against the top of the league. And we showed up on the pitch delivering our best performance of the season.

Nothing fancy today but very well organized, smart and solid.

We reached the HT with a 0-0 and we took our opportunities to take the 3 points.

Tiago with a header, Peppe after a free kick and Nico in a solo goal put the game to bed.

3-0, first win away for the 4ths.

After another loss away last week, 4ths had to bounce back at home this week. Same story since the beginning of the season.
4ths started very strong and were dominant from the 1st minute of the game. Lot opportunities in the first 15 mins with a post, a 1vs1 missed and a cleat penalty forgotten by the ref.
As always Tiago scored the opened after an assist from Fabi.
And Cosimo put the 2-0 just before HT for his first goal in green.
2nd half was the same, 4ths dominated the game and ref forgot a crazy clear penalty.
Anyway, we added 2 more goal by Fabi and Cosimo and managed to get our first cleansheet of the season.
Positive day for the 4ths, 3rd victory at home.
Let’s now try to get a victory away next weekend.
Motm Joonas

4ths travelled to Wallonia to take on Chenois SC 2.
Two fairly evenly matched teams traded early blows but neither team could assert any real dominance. The breakthrough came eventually came for Chenois from a corner, with an unfortunate FCI CB glancing the ball into his own net. Half time 1-0.
The 2nd half started brighter for 4ths with more of the ball and pressure slowly increasing on Chenois. But the ball would just not go in and they were not helped the odd questionable blindness from the official.
A couple of injuries threatened to derail the FCI progress and then
Chenois then managed to get a breakaway goal advancing down the Irish right before finding a pass to an unmarked attacker in the box. 2-0 to Chenois and that basically was game over.
We will pull ourselves together and go again next week 💪🏻💚
MotM Fabi & Tiago

4ths needed to bounce back at home today after last week’s loss.
We started the game very well with probably our best 20 mins of the season and got awarded a penalty after a foul on Cosimo. Tiago took it for the 1-0. That was the score at HT.
The opponent equalized just after the HT and it was a very even game until the last 15 mins.
Good fight on the left side, we got the ball from the opponent after a nice pressing. Karim dribbled the keeper and put it in for the 2-1. His first goal for the 4ths, a very important one. It became then easier and Carlo on a long range shot and Tiago in a counter added 2 more goals for the 4-1.
4-2 final score after the opponent score a last minute header.
Good team reaction!!

MotM Tiago

1st real (😬) season loss for the 4ths today.
We changed our formation due to the absences of almost all our offensive players and it didn’t work.
Opposition dominated the beginning of the game and took the lead quite early.
They were solid but not really impressive.
Just more efficient than us as we had 1 goal refused for offside and 3 face to face missed.
They scored the 2nd goal with a direct free kick in the 2nd half.
It was a close game, similar as last weekend vs Saint-Georges.
This time they were more efficient than us.
Wake up call to bounce back in a week at nosseghem.
Motm Diego

4ths played their first home season game against a good saint-georges team who finished 2nd in D3 last season.
Game was really even for the 1sts 25 minutes and close to the half time we, as last week, decided to be a nice host and give the opponent a goal after a bad pass in our defense.
We didn’t put our head down and started attacking more.
Just before HT we got a corner shot by Manu. GK saved a header and the ball bounced on the goal line. Tiago was there to tap it in and make the 1-1.
2nd half was better for us, we dominated the game and got the reward with 10 mins to go with Peppe dribbling on the right wing, and went on a 1 vs 1 with the keeper. Keeper touched the ball and deflected just enough to not pass the goal line. Again, Tiago was there to push it in.
The last 5 mins were just defending. Not beautiful but…who cares?
Great team and fighting spirit today.
2-1 win.

MotM – Tiago

4ths faced Syb RFC in sunny Anderlecht for the season opener. The boys in green started slow with low intensity. The very dry and bumpy pitch didn’t help either to regain possession. After around 20 minutes, Syb capitalised from a mistake in the back line and managed to take the lead.
A more courageous performance in the second half led to some chances for the fourth but it needed captain Thomas to score with an outrageous volley after a Nick cross. His first goal in 5 years and we will hear about it for another decade.
In the end a deserved draw to start the season. Not the best performance but we showed great team spirit.

MotM Thomas

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#4 September 23, 2023 FC Irlande Men 4 4 - 2 Report New Inn 2
#5 September 30, 2023 Chenois SC 2 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 4
#6 October 7, 2023 FC Irlande Men 4 4 - 0 Report Bouks
#7 October 14, 2023 Maccabi Bxl 0 - 3 Report FC Irlande Men 4
#8 October 21, 2023 Celtic Roosters 0 - 5 Report FC Irlande Men 4
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FC Irlande Men 4

  • Coach / Captain : Thomas Steiner
  • Coach / Captain : Roman Brenne
  • Coach / Captain : Martin Stobbs
  • Coach / Captain : Diego Sanchez

Top goals scorers

  • Tiago Castro 9
  • Fabian Figeroa 3
  • Cosimo Bartolini 2
  • Nick Pawley 2
  • Gianluca Fagone 2
  • Thomas Steiner 1
  • Carlo Didone 1
  • Karim Attanjaoui 1
  • Giuseppe Ionta 1
  • Nico Arisnabarreta 1
  • Lorenzo Fiorentini 1
  • Maks Artsemiuk 1

Top goals assists

  • Fabian Figeroa 6
  • Tiago Castro 4
  • Nick Pawley 2
  • Gianluca Fagone 2
  • Manu Peixoto 1
  • Giuseppe Ionta 1
  • Nico Arisnabarreta 1
  • Thomas Steiner 1
  • Karim Attanjaoui 1
  • Carlo Didone 1
  • Lorenzo Fiorentini 1
  • Leonardo Cerioni 1