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Last game of the season for the Ladies 2 in Chastre.

The Ladies in Green started the game at a high pace, keeping the block relatively high to prevent Chastre’s mid-field from reaching their attackers too close to our box. This paid off, as Chastre’s attack wasn’t able to do much.

Unfortunately, the Ladies in Green conceded a first goal at the 25th minute of the game, on a corner kick.

Despite that, they kept their heads high and continued relentlessly attacking and pushing forward. This eventually paid off in the last minutes of the first half, when Anouk was able to carry the ball up the left wing and center for Ines, who scored with a magnificent volley.

Half-time score: 1-1.

The second half didn’t see any of the teams score. This game was one of the best games of the team so far and really shows how much progress the Ladies 2 have made in the past weeks/months.

Everyone is looking forward for the next season.

FC Ireland’s P1 played its 3rd game of the championship season, against ASE Chastre, this Saturday 18th of September.

Our ladies were once again aligned in a 4-3-3 formation, as were the opponents. Our team didn’t get into the game immediately and were too nice: the ladies were watching the game happened and didn’t go towards the ball. This cost the team a first goal, with an infiltration on the left wing as of the 3rd minute. Right before the drinking-break, Chastre again scores its 2nd goal.

The break seemed to have reinvigorated our players; at the 33rd minute, Rossa Moreira recuperates the ball in the midfield, dribbles a couple of players, and tries a shot on goal. The goalie stops it but ChloƩ Liradelfo follows on second post and scores.

The second half is very different, as our defensive efforts are paying off and the game can be played forward.

Despite the will of the Chastre ladies to play the offside, we managed to find depth and try 3 duals with goalie, but no luck.

Our ladies 2 were dominated but continued their efforts. Unfortunately, the game ends on a controversial own-goal, followed by a double yellow card and the expulsion of one of our players.

We can remember from this game the strong character of our ladies who woke up during the game, showed a strong drive to play and make progress – proving the real ambition of our team.

Final score: 1-3

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