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Vets1 lost to auderghem RU 5-3 in a game overshadowed by a serious injury to our beloved Carlos Gomez. Same Carlos equalised about 5 minutes before
Time to make it 3-3, but auderghem then scored a 4th goal right afterwards before sealing their victory shortly before time. The last kick of the game was unfortunately not a kick of the ball but one straight into the back of Carlos’ legs as he was launching one last attack. We don’t know much more for the moment but that Carlos was in a great amount of pain as he was strechered away to the waiting ambulance. Animo Carlos!

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#1 September 4, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 1 0 - 5 Auderghem RU
#24 March 5, 2022 Auderghem RU 5 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 1

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