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2nds played against a solid Azur Cs 1 at home in this sweltering Saturday afternoon. Play started in favor in the bus in green, but most actions and ball movement were fairly slow due to the heat. During the run of play Ryan made a scorching run through the center giving a lovely through-ball to Amadou who slotted it home for the first goal of the match, 1-0 good guys. Play continued, still in favor of the FCI but not much more happened until half time. At halftime, Mathias Gineste came for Andreas Papadopapolopolous. Once the 2nd half started, and Azur showed their quality, putting a goal gone within 5 minutes, 1-1. The heat took its toll, and FCI lacked quality leading to a 2nd Azur goal. We tried to make a late-game push, but to no avail. Final score 2-1 Azur. MOTM the imperious Ryan Self

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