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Match report : Brussels LTC 2 – FC Irlande

Pre-game :

For the last away game the season, the target for us around this game was to finish the season the best way as possible, win all games and try to reach the second place, hoping to see Grez and LXG loose some points.

In the dressing room, Alvaro « Pep » Zabalza decides to organize the team in a never-seen-before tactic; a 3-2-2-3 to try to get the control of the ball in midfield and have a more effective pressing. All the conditions were reunited to have a good game and enjoy the match.

First half:

After a light warm-up, we started the game in a good way controlling the ball and moving quickly, we succeeded to recovered from our pressure. After 5 minutes, we confirmed our domination on a quick transition, Rachid finds Sigve who scored from a nice finish at the first post.

After the goal, we tried more to control the game instead of keep the pressure, the game was more balanced from this moment, but we were still ahead; James, Andrea and Lennart managed to block the few LTC’s attacks. The game could have been sealed sooner but shots from Rachid, Sigve and David were saved by the opponent keeper.

At half time our feeling was the same; we have to score that second game to avoid any surprise and get the win.

Second half :

The second half was an ABSSA classic; instead of first half, the referee lost the control of the game, and tension between the two teams raised. Game was stopped every 2-3 minutes for a foul our an argue – 9 yellows in total !

However, we tried to keep pushing for an other goal, but despite our efforts, the referee decides to wrongly report offside several great runs from Sigve, David and Luke. Finally, a nice pass from Alvaro behind the defense finds Rachid, not offside this time, who waited Naim’s run that scored from short distance. At 2-0, LTC 2 stopped hoping for a miracle, the last minutes came back in our hand and we controlled the game until the end.

Overall that was a good performance, a good lesson for next year in the sense that we have to kill those kind of game if we want to compete for the league title.

Special mention to our back three, that made the game easier, and François, who got his second clean-sheet with us in two games this season.

MOTM : Naïm
GOALS : Sigve, Naïm
ASSISTS : Rachid x2

Match Report
FC Irlande Vs Brussels LTC2
Saturday 13/11/2021

FC Irlande tasted again the victory flavor after six matches. Well-deserved win with the great support of our club mates at home, in Nossegem.

Well-deserved does not mean in this case “easy” as the Greens went through all the mental states to achieve the final three points.

The idea of controlling the game from the starting whistle was counter circuited by fast and smart passes and movements of the opponents in the firsts twenty minutes. LTC2 approached our box dangerously couple of times. We tried to hit back with a clear chance in a great run from Luke, which finished in the right post. Afterwards a fluid attack on the LTC2 right side concluded in a cross shot touched by Max, but the ball finished in the net, 0-1. Mental state: Disappointed.

The hard moment of receiving a goal first, situation repeated in the last games. However, this time was different. We felt we could do better, and we started producing good combinations, moving the ball towards our strikers. Some minutes later, Arjan received the ball in the box, and after a quick swerve, we all heard a tackle. Penalty. Our man-in-charge in these cases, Bonaldi “the velvet shooter”, place the ball on the right side, impossible for the goalkeeper. 1-1. Mental state: Relief.

We made a step forward in the beginning of the second half. Good passes from our midfielders, controlling the game. Our defenders filling confident stopping all approaches. And our dynamic strikers finding the space and doing good calls. In one of those calls, David reached Arjan, who run determined in mode “this-is-my-turn” and scored with a tense cross shoot with the left foot. 2-1. Mental state: Satisfaction.

Changes were needed to maintain the energy facing the last part of the game. Alexander reinforced the defense and Sigve-De-Young reappeared after long injury.

Last ten minutes were a survival exercise. LTC2 put five strikers and we were forced to go back our lines. Several crosses, free kicks and corners put us is danger but we were determined to win. So, we did it. 2-1 at the end. Mental state: Resilient, proud and happiness.

This result gives us the option to come back to top 4 of the table and to push with more confidence in the coming games until the Christmas break.

Motm: Max (went to the hospital for some check-up after a side hit in the last minutes, …and after some pints in the Funky).

Goals: Bono, Arjan.

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