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It was Wednesday night, but not one like others, it was the night that the ladies in green had been waiting for a while. They had in front of them an opportunity to turn recent history around and stop a streak of defeats against their archrivals; they were not going to let another chance to beat the British pass!

Before the first minute had elapsed, Francesca had already invaded the box of our opponents, that frightened by her speed, made a bad tackle on her…the ref didn’t doubt and whistled a penalty. As for our captain, she left the pitch crawling in pain and was out of action for the following 20 minutes or so. Juju feeling sorry for the goalkeeper, who told her it was her first penalty ever, decided to put the ball out and keep it an exciting match. The Irlande ladies didn’t get discouraged and continued to push toward the Brits’ goal, with their goalkeeper preventing a couple of good shots from getting in.

Things seemed to be under control, but FCI ladies were missing the spark that is needed on such nights. When it looked like it was a matter of time for us to score, the British managed to get a ball through the middle, Mariana deflected their player from the direction of the goal, but Thea had really liked their blue shirts and tried to take one home, the referee didn’t think this was the right moment for the exchange of shirts and called it a penalty. The British were not compassionate and converted it into 0x1. For an instant, it seemed that fate (or was it Fade?!) was going to strike again against the Irish side.

The break arrived quickly and Mathias, with his usual astuteness, made key changes and encouraged the ladies to get back to the pitch with more energy. Legend Niamh came into the center of defense, which allowed Sarah to move up to the mid-field. That paid off quickly as Sarah wanted to forget the loneliness of being the last defender and combined passes with Rebby, Ange, Sarah K, Francesca, etc…. yes, you’re reading this right, she was everywhere…. about 10 minutes into the second half, Sarah pulled out one of the weapons of her arsenal and scored a spectacular goal from the distance. The 1×1 helped cement the belief we could come out of the 90 minutes with a victory and animated the whole team to keep pushing.

About 10 minutes after Sarah’s first goal, Francesca made a terrific run on the right side and shot the ball on the post. But as Dominique from the buvette duly noted after the match, it was not Francesca who scored… it was again Sarah, in supersonic speed, in an inspired night, who managed to arrive to the ball on time after it rebounded on the post, and tapped it into the net. It was 2×1!

The British, with their usual spirit, never gave up and kept coming toward the Irish goal when they managed to take the ball, but our defense was just too solid. Marianne, Niamh, Sandra and Ange, having been taught to take care of the elderly, protected very well their old keeper and didn’t let anyone come close to her. The Irish side didn’t lose their cool and kept playing good football, exchanging nice passes and trying to score another goal, which finally didn’t arrive. But it did not matter….when the referee pointed to the center of the field, FC Irlande was ahead and could finally celebrate the long waited victory! That hopefully will give the ladies in green a push to keep the good results coming to try and reach the top 5 of the table!

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