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On Saturday, 19 November, we witnessed another chapter of the never-ending rivalry between FC Irlande Ladies III and the Bufc Ladies Brussels.

The match starts with a minute of silence to remember Noel Egan, one of the founder members of FC Irlande.

It might have been the burden of the team’s history, but the first half of the derby is not one of the FCI’s best performances. Bufc opens the dance by scoring a magnificent free kick at the 16’. Later a penalty is awarded to Bufc, but Mariana beautifully stops it. Despite some good passages, FCI cannot create really dangerous scoring chances. At the end of the first half, Eva makes her debut as a goalkeeper, substituting for Mariana.

FCI returns for the second half with more focus and a change in the module, switching from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, using Océance as a pivot to create more space and opportunities for Liza. As a second striker, Océane can give some excellent passages to the left and right midfielders. From Océane’s feet start the most dangerous FCI scoring opportunity of the match. A long ball finds Liza, that controls the ball and shoots from the edge of the box. Her shot is wide for a few inches. The second Bufc goal comes from a moment of confusion in the FCI defence, cynically used by the opponent. While FCI cannot turn into a goal a free-kick from inside the penalty area that finishes on the opponent’s wall. The game ends with the third goal of the Bufc at the 89’.

The derby ends 3-0 for Bufc. Still, plenty of time for the return match, but we already have to work for the game at home to end with a positive result.

Despite the disappointing result, we must always recognise and learn from the positive signs seen during the match: the ability of the team to switch and adapt to a new module following Francesco’s instructions, the ability to remain with the head in the game, the excellent cooperation and complementarity between the two strikers Liza and Océane, and the outstanding performance of our debutante goalie, Eva. Some more training on the throw-ins might be necessary during the following weeks.

But we had to wait until the end of the match for the worst part of the night when arrived at the buvette we found out that there were no sandwiches for FCI III. The players showed an unbelievable attachment to the club, not stealing the sandwiches of FCI II that was still playing against F.C. White Star.

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