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The seconds were travelling to Enghien with a dire need to get a win. Despite a late arrival and a short warm up due to a an administrative confusion, the boys in green started the game seriously as a block. The game was even with some chances on both sides until a deadly counter attack: Ionut with a long ball from the left to Gaby on the right who gave the ball to Lolo at the entrance of the box for a beautiful shot with a bounce that left the keeper jumping on the grass/swamp in vain. Some minutes in the second half, the opponent obtained a free kick 20m away, the guy shot right in the wall (which Donald Trump wouldn’t have been proud of), the ball passed through it and one of their strikers just had to shoot leaving no chance to Max. A few minutes later, Brioche got the ball back in our half, immediately launched Lolo with a nice pass on the right side, who then had a solo run, entering the box and shooting to the second post making it 1-2 for Ireland. Brioche then almost scored one of the goals of the season with a stunning volley from 35m away which unfortunately ended up on the cross bar. The last 15min of the game saw the opponent pushing hard with a couple of chances and only counter attacks for the boys in green. A couple of yellow cards on both sides but no other goal in this game and the final score was 1-2. A great win for the team that desperately needed it!
MOTM: Lolo

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