Entente RACB 2

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Version 1:

Vets2 – Match 1 against Entente RACB
First half : we let the opposition controlling the game and pushing. They quickly score two goals. After a reaction (goal scored by Ken), the opposition restart to push and score again. A beautiful crossed shot from Xavier give us the occasion to finish the half time with 3 – 2
Second half was in a slower rhythm. We miss a few chances on corner. The opposition get a discutable penalty that they score. Frustrating 4 – 2 for final score.

Version 2:

Vets2 lost their first game of the season 4-2 to Entente. We conceded 2 softish goals in the first 10 minutes and then Ken scored (again!!). A silky move by their attacker meant 3-1 before Xavier scored our 2nd before half-time. In the 2nd half we pushed them hard and had a couple of good chances. They didn’t have any chances but yet managed to score their 4th from an inexisting penalty.

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