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On this sunny Saturday FC Ireland Ladies 2 met against White Star.

The game starts, but White Star is able to score quickly at just 7 minutes, making the score 0-1. The ladies have learnt from their experiences last season and do not give up.
After a great long pass from Jenny, Priscila cuts in from the left wing and shoots a great shot into the net, making the score 1-1 at 31 minutes.
Both teams keep fighting, but no more goals come before the second half.
At 50 minutes, FCI gets a freekick, which Jenny crosses into the penalty area. Gillian -in her first official FCI game- is able to score, making the game 1-2.
However, not long after, at 60 minutes, White Star is able to catch up and make the score 2-2. Despite the excessive heat, the Ladies do not give up. The last minutes of the game are filled with an amazing fight and a few great attacks.
Honourable mentions from the game:
– Great blocks and tackles from Lily and Jenny in the penalty area.
– Marianne and Priscila tirelessly running in their new positions as wingers.
– Gillian and Vilja playing their first games for FCI.
– A great supporting crowd which added even more Finnish presence
 to the day.
Overall, the team can be proud of their performance and having gained yet another point for the league table.

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