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The fact that we scored as many goals as the number of times our goalie touched the ball, says it all.
But for the sake of the reader here are some more details.
The match had originally been postponed to a date too close to Christmas to have a full squad, and our request to move the match was refused. After some puzzling with a couple of ladies I and II; 11 players and the stand-in coach John appeared in the drizzle.
But as it turned out, it was not us who had to be sorry! We dominated especially the midfield, and well, pretty much everywhere, with beautiful team play all through the match. Our stand-in goalie did not have to be nervous for long…
Even though their goalkeeper stopped many attempts, a full 11 shots went through. Our goals from Kelly, Isa, Elena and Claire were evenly distributed from minute 6 to 86, showing the joy and the hunger for victory. A victory that maintain us in the middle of the ranking before the break.
Overall, it was a fair play match with two unfortunate injures, one in each team. And we wish Claire a speedy recovery, and players and coaches a well-deserved break!

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#13 December 18, 2021 FC. Saint-Michel B 0 - 11 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3