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On Tuesday, 29 November, FC Irlande Ladies III faced FC Suryoyes Bruxellois at home.

What a month of November for FCI, three victories, two victories in the league and the first victory and points at home to finish the month in the best way possible.

The fog waits for the teams on the pitch to create an authentic Belgian atmosphere. Suryoyes starts the game with high intensity, showing that they may lack quantity but not quality. FCI seems surprised by the talent of some of the opponent’s players, particularly the number 9, who creates havoc in FCI’s defence with her slalom and ball control. And it will be the number 9 that at the 18’ will score the first goal of the match. A cold shower that does not let FCI’s down but revitalises them. The goal is the necessary slap to focus more and give everything we have to win the match. In 5 minutes, FCI flips the result. As in the previous game against British United, we obtained a free-kick from inside the penalty area. The two same people are on the ball, but the result is different. Dakota touches it for Anna that with a magnificent shot, passes the opponent’s wall and scores. FCI is extremely lucky to have the best Finnish player since Jari Litmanen. At 38’, it’s Liza’s turn to score, assisted by Sophie. For Liza, it’s the second goal of the season FCI III and, again, a winning goal.

In the second half, FCI is more in control of the game, preventing Suryoyes from creating dangerous scoring chances. It would be difficult to mention and remember all FCI’s shots and goalscoring opportunities. On multiple occasions, the team is close to scoring the third goal, but it is enough cynical or lucky to score the match.

A game that is worth six points and pushes us to 11th place in the ranking. The game was more difficult than expected due to the quality of the Suryoyes’ players. But in the end, we fought more to obtain the result and put all our team spirit, commitment, strength and talent. The table says that we are not the best team in the league, but the table can only consider certain parameters. The table does not display all the love, passion and dedication we put in every time we wear that glorious green shirt; for that, we are second to none.

For FCI, November has been a fantastic month also off the pitch, with the news that soon the team will have a new player/supporter.

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