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A decimated FCI Ladies III faced, on 16 September, White Star Woluwe D, a tough match to play due to the quality of the opponent and the low number of changes available for FCI.

The script of the game is quite identical from the first until the last minute. FCI plays a defensive match, staying compact and focused on facing the White Star’s attack efficaciously. The defensive line, supported by the entire team, repels the attacks and frees the penalty area from dangerous balls. The determined and valorous defence has to surrender to a penalty. Gabi (I am sooo sorry, ladies) blocks a shot with her hand; the referee gives her a yellow card and awards a penalty to White Star, which does not miss the opportunity to score at 41’.

The second half starts with the result of 1-0, and FCI starts with the same team spirit and defensive intensity that characterised the first half. Despite FCI’s effort, White Star finds the second goal with an outstanding long-range shot at 55’. At 78’, Freja decides to do a kamikaze save, touching the ball with her hands outside the penalty box, which costs her a direct red card. With some adjustments in the formation, FCI keeps its compact defence and avoids taking another goal before the final whistle. The match ends 2-0 and with a White Star player sent off for her complaining (supposedly).

Throughout the match, FCI struggled to create offensive actions, find spaces forward, and maintain ball control. It was a match of sacrifice for everyone fighting and giving her best to help the team. Bright note: we did not take any goal from corners despite conceding quite a few.

Player of the match: Eva and Dilara (ex aequo)

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