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On Saturday, the FCI’s first women’s team lost their first match of the season against White Star Woluwe 5-0.

White Star started well into the match and put FCI under pressure right at the beginning. After an unfortunate pass in FCI’s build-up play, White Star had their first chance right after a good 30 seconds, which just missed the goal. FCI found it difficult to get into the game at the start, but had caught on after 10 minutes. The opponent was able to get several scoring chances in the first half of the match. Some were great saved by our goalkeeper Marie, other chances were excellently defended by the defense around Michèle and Sarah C.. Towards the end of the first half, FCI striker Mel had a good chance, but it was held by the opposing goalkeeper. The follow-up shot by Sarah H. also missed the goal, so that the score was 0:0 at halftime.

At the beginning of the second half, a questionable free kick was given near the 16 meter space for White Star. The cross from the half-right side was taken by White Star’a striker with a direct shot to make it 1-0. A short time later, white star increased the score to 2:0 with a goal that was strongly suspected of being offside. So it was after a good 60 minutes unfortunate 2-0 for White Star. In the further course of the game, the opponent was able to increase through two long-range shots and a header goal after a corner to 5-0.
Although this was not the desired start to the FCI season, we are motivated for upcoming training sessions and are already looking forward to our first win of the season.

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