Forestois Sc 4

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Vets 1 played Forestois today for continue the strike… But against a very technical team and a referee who had problem to see more than 10 meters the match was difficult… First half was not open but forestois scored quietly after than the ref gave them a throw in unfair and than the Irish lads stop totally to play for let the striker shot.. HT… Forestois scored a second goal on corner in the beginning of second half… The Irish start their match with some nice move, on a free kick from Karim, Rodrigo put his head for reduce the score… Forestois start to play very hard and broken the Irish waves but the possible penalties become free kick for simulation and corner become throw in per magie .. Forestois had several opportunities for close the game but couldn’t do it with a strong defense… Weather was cold and referee decide to stop the game before the 70mn … Defeat 1-2, the strike is down but  the spirit was extra… Fcirlande plays on the same level as this top team and it was a big satisfaction… Motm Ale

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#12 November 25, 2023 Forestois Sc 4 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 1