Grez AJ 1

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Firsts played a difficult match in deep Wallonia against Grez. After a great run of 3x 3-0 victories this match was a struggle First half not much chances were created besides a nice Rachid-Erik-Arjan combination that didnt lead into anything. Grez missed a huge chance for open goal.
Second half, also not much happened. But After a nice Alvaro free-kick, Rachid headed the ball in goal, while Bonaldi was kicked on the ground. 0-1 FT, an ugly game but an important to win!

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#8 October 21, 2023 Grez AJ 1 0 - 1 Report FC Irlande Men 1
#24 March 16, 2024 FC Irlande Men 1 - Grez AJ 1