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Sean was supposed to write a match report but was busy taking care of his pregnant wife. Let me say some words about the last match before we focus on the next game against Amb. Auderghem this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

Alvaro decided to take off another weekend to enjoy some extra sunshine in Spain. Our DOF decided to follow Alvaro’s example by booking a weekend away as well. Besides that, he decided to send Sigve to the veterans. It felt like Paul gave up on us for some of our players. With dropping out these 2 tactical master brains, this gave an opportunity to Nair to make his debut as a coach. After being a player, assistant coach, trainer, delegue, referee, team manager and probably some other roles, he could finally add a new chapter to his FC Irlande book. Watch out Paul, next step for Nair will be trying to get your position as DOF.

After a drive of nearly 45 min and sightseeing for some of us on the military base, we finally arrived in the middle of nowhere. Because Fc Irlande was playing against their local club, they decided to make a village festival of it with some good music involved.

Because our regular DJ’s dropped out, Andrea (Bocelli) decided to play some good Italian opera for us. After nearly falling asleep Nair decided to wake us up with some inspiring words and prepare us for a difficult match.

First of all, a big thank you to Loui to help us this weekend. After removing some cows and kids from the field we were able to start a good warming up. Luke and James were back from their injuries and returned to their familiar positions to start the match.

From here on I could copy/paste the match report of last weeks. To quote Rudy: A surprisingly strong wind gave a significant advantage to the Irish as the first half kicked off. The extraordinary gentlemen were not that extraordinary at all as they did not manage to string more than 2 passes together thanks to the pressing of FCI….. Irlande dominated possession from the start with early chances lining up for the squad…. And like any other match, we created some good chances again.

David placed the ball just on the wrong side of the goal post after a one on one with the goalkeeper. Arjan’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper after a perfect cross of Nair. Some crosses from our left defender/striker Andrea were just a bit too far for our magical striker Tommy and in the end, we conceded a goal again. An impossible ball from around 30 meters, that shot some birds out of the sky, landed behind Max.

The second half showed a similar pattern. Fc Irlande was desperate looking for the equaliser with some good beats on the background of the local festival. Luke decided to show some of his famous rushes alongst the right side and some shots were blocked in the box. David set Arjan free in front of the goalkeeper, but unfortunately, he missed again (sorry for that guys). The Energy and belief flowed away, and we were not able to score a goal anymore.

Another loss but keep up the good spirit and I am sure will add some additional points to our total.

MOTM: David

Firsts were missing several regulars against Grez who were just below us, very even game, not very many chances, 0-0 HT. They scored with 10 to go & added a second from a free kick, we weren’t really at it today & got what we deserved, final score 0-2

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#7 October 16, 2021 FC Irlande Men 1 0 - 2 Report Grez AJ 1
#21 February 12, 2022 Grez AJ 1 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 1

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