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Today the boys received ITT-Gecko in Nossegem on a windy and rainy morning. The begging of the game was very divided between both teams, until the 25th minute where Ireland started to take control of the game. With beautiful passes and creating chances, Irlande got a penalty, making it 1-0 as João converted from the penalty spot! 1-0 at halftime
Second half comes and Irlande was too low in the pitch, Gecko was taking charge and got a penalty, but, after losing control of his emotions, the gecko player who suffered the penalty, got sent off after tackling Matteo as if he was in the octagon. After the mess cleared up, it was 1-1. Game continued, Ireland a man up, suffered a goal at the 68th minute from a long free kick. Two minutes to go.
Ireland is now pushing and in the middle of the confusion in Gecko’s box, Matteo with a beautiful finish, ties the game, 2-2, 70th minute. Ireland rushed the ball into the centre of the pitch, the boys wanted a win!! Last minute of the game, free kick, Brioche is taking the ball…a beautiful cross comes on to find Villu, that with a beautiful header, gives the lead to FC Ireland!! 3-2 and it’s the final whistle!!! Ireland gets the 3 points, 5 wins in a row!! Keep it up boys!!! 💚🤍🧡

MOTM : Matteo ! 🎻

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