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Last weekend brought FC Irlande a long-awaited victory and returned the team to the TOP-5. In a good mood, the guys were preparing for an away game with a neighbor in the standings – Jefke Country 1. Some bad news was chasing the team the whole week before the game: positive COVID test left out of the game the big brother of defense Lennart as well as unaltered #1 Max was prescribed to refrain from football temporarily after a hard crash in the match versus Brussels LTC 2. The loss of Lennart was able to make up for a good turnout of the defenders, and François from the veterans’ team kindly agreed to defend the goal. Coach Alvaro, who missed the match being in the veterans’ squad for the same day, chose a brave and offensive squad for the game. Immediately after the starting whistle, the creative center-trio began to implement the idea for the game, having organized several very dangerous attacks by the end of 20 minutes of the game, highlighted with hitting the post by Rashid. Despite a confident start, the Irish slowed down, which the rival took advantage of by returning to the game. By the end of the first 35 minutes, Aryan, as always, successfully jumped into a cross from the right flank and was knocked down by the opponent’s goalkeeper. The referee was not impressed enough to assess a foul and, moreover, awarded Aryan with a yellow card, either for simulation or for challenging the decision. 0-0 as an outcome of the first half. The direction for the second half was to continue in the same spirit and score an early goal. The guys on the bench were ready for this task. Nair entered the game immediately in the second half, having received the captain’s armband from Bonaldi. After another 10 minutes, the attack was refreshed by the bombardier Thomas, replacing Sigve with a minor injury. Having quite some older players in the team, the hosts got tired, but for a long time the greens were not succeeding to open a goal score. The turning point and the most dramatic moment of the game was the injury of Thomas, who got a strong forehead cut in a head to head collision with Jefke goalkeeper. Immediately after providing first aid, Tom left the field and went to the hospital, accompanied by Sylvain. A couple of minutes before this episode, the Irlande used the last available subs (Alexander came out instead of Sean) – left just 10 lads on the pitch.

The situation provoked FC Irlande, who rushed to fight for the victory with double enthusiasm. As a result, at first Arjan ultimately earned his penalty, transduced to 1-0 advantage by Bonaldi’s (1-0). A few minutes later, the guests managed to double the lead, playing the ball in the penalty area and, taking advantage of a successful rebound from the post, Rashid took his chance (2-0). The final point at the end of the match was set by David, having scored his first goal in the new team, after an excellent pass from Arjan (3-0). Being furious with a provocative David’s goal celebration, hosts put all their force to score in the last 5-7 minutes of the game. They failed to create something really dangerous, except for a couple of corners. The 4 Defense Brothers did their job well, as a result the MOTM Award went to Daan-bro.

What do we have? I don’t like to look at the table in the early stages of the tournament, but it is worth noting that a series of 2 wins and 3 matches without defeat returns FC Irlande 1 to the race for first place,being 3 points behind the leading Brussels British R 1. So, 2 finals out of 5 before Christmass holidays are behind us…

P.S. Looking forward for Thomas back on the pitch with minimum health impact. THE TEAM IS WITH YOU!


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