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Vets2 won 3-1 vs a very verbal Karia team. We had a few chances already in the first 10 minutes, which resulted in our first goal (Xavier). In the 2nd half they increased the pressure but a 2nd goal (Oscar) and then a 3rd (Antonio V) decided the game in our favour. They scored their one goal with 2 minutes to go. Special mention to Antonio N. for a great job at refereeing in difficult circumstances. Thanks!!!

Vets2 drew 2-2 vs Karia on abssa’s smallest pitch. In the first half Oscar headed our first and soon after Xavier H. scored the 2nd. We thought it would be easy going from there, but Karia started pressing high and we were on the defensive for pretty much the rest of the game. They eventually scored 1 and then, one minute from the end, the 2nd from a penalty.

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#14 December 4, 2021 Karia FC 2 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#23 February 26, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 3 - 1 Report Karia FC 2

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