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FCI Ladies I played their tenth league game on December 2 at home in Auderghem with a loss against Wallonia Club Sibret A.

During the first half, FCI struggled with its defensive organization, maintaining possession, and winning balls in the air. The defense held together until halfway through the half when SIbret broke through following a good shot from outside the box. The defensive confusion continued through the half, which ended 0-4 following three more well-worked goals from SIbret.

The team showed character in the second half, refusing to give up despite conceding an early goal to make it 0-5. Captain Sophia Müller pulled one back after FCI was awarded a penalty. Sibret got one more around the 65th minute. From then on, FCI dominated possession, winning multiple free kicks in SIbret’s defensive third. A second goal came through the follow-up runs on the Sibret keeper’s free-kick save. Despite hitting the crossbar once and a couple other close chances, the game finished 2-6.

On Sunday, November 26, FC Irlande Ladies I played its next league match against Cercle Sportif Andennais. With only four points difference, Andennais were only two places below FCI in the table, so this game was of high importance for both teams.

FC Irlande started the game well with a high share of possession. There were many good combination passes in the midfield, as well as switches from one side to another through the defense.
Although FCI dominated the game, Andennais had a good chance after 20 minutes. A long-range shot from around 20 meters against the crossbar almost gave Andennais the lead. However, both sides failed to score and the score remained 0-0 at half-time.

FCI continued to dominate the game in the second half. Despite a high number of good passes, there were no dangerous scoring chances for FCI. A couple of far distance shots from FCI were saved by the good goalkeeper from Andennais.

In the end, both teams were able to get a point, as the match ended without any goals.
Overall, FCI clearly dominated the game, making 255 successful passes, but were unable to score a goal.

The lights shined bright at home in Auderghem for an authoritative victory by FCI Ladies 1 over R. Union St-Gilloise A.

After kickoff, the FCI ladies defense absorbed initial USG pressure well and began to find great success in counter-attacks through the pace of Parker and Rebecca. A corner kick halfway through the first half saw Isabel collect the cleared ball and set it on a platter for Rebecca who bent it like Beckham into the far post’s side-netting. A little later, the USG keeper slipped on the wet pitch while receiving yet another back pass from her defense and staring down an oncoming Parker, who was then able to easily slot the ball in.

The second half began with the FCI ladies moving the ball better and holding posession. USG pulled one back at about the 75th minute thanks to an impressive bicycle kick in front of goal. USG’s late push for an equalizer, however, was no match for Olivia’s line-breaking pass, Mel’s speed down the left-wing, and Michele’s calm finish in the box to make it 3-1. The team’s collective defense saw out the rest of the match.

The only question remains is…where do we find the official after-match interviews of FCI captain Isabel and Coach Ben?

Saturday night prime time.. what dreams are made of. On Saturday evening, our Ladies I squad ventured out to take on Royal Football Club Liege for a frigid 8pm kickoff (which unfortunately was past Momo’s bedtime, hence her absence from this match).

Sure, some of the FCI ladies may have been feeling hunger pangs from the dinner they were missing, but, as a squad, they were even hungrier for a win after their two week match-hiatus. The start of the match reflected this hunger, as the ladies in green fought to dominate a pitch that was as wide as it was long. The first half was marked by the team finding their passing groove, with a series of penetrating passes from the Defensive Trio (Geani, Mich, and Isa) and Mid Trio (Sarah H, Olivia, and Magda) to the speeeedy wings (Mel and Rebecca). Meanwhile, our feisty strikers (Nawal and Ines) did what they could to be a nuisance for the opponents’ overloaded defense. Huge shout-out and kudos and love to our ever faithful goalkeeper (the one and only OlAtz) who put her body on the line on many an occasion to protect the goal—a commitment that ultimately earned her a yellow card. Also huge shout-out to Michele’s shoulder who took quite a beating when it collided with Olatz’s head. Nevertheless, despite matching (and dare I say, surpassing!) their opponents in level of play, FCI found themselves down 1-0 at the half after a goal off a corner kick (the exact details of which the author of this match report does not remember).

FCI came out in STRONG in the second half, challenging the opposition’s defense from the first minute. Shadia and Nikki came on to take over the offensive forces, and immediately made an impact with their dangerous combination play with the midfield. Nevertheless, the odds were not in FCI’s favor and the ball simply would not go into the opponent’s net, despite clear possession and play domination. A breakaway play by the opponents in the last minute may have crushed our hearts, but our spirits remain intact.


In the context of a particularly intense home match pitting FC Ireland against Sporting du Pays de Charleroi, the atmosphere was electric from the kickoff. Charleroi began the game by dominating the first few minutes, but FC Ireland didn’t give up. Instead, they reorganized with incredible determination, invoking the war cry “Geronimo,” and held on to maintain the score at a draw until halftime.

At the 47th minute, Parker, like a heroine, delivered FC Ireland by scoring an unforgettable goal. The Irish team continued to display their ferocity on the field, and in the 67th minute, Parker shone again with a brilliant play that sent the fans into a frenzy.

However, injustice struck in the 79th minute when the referee awarded a free kick to Charleroi, even though the foul was questionable. This allowed Charleroi to narrow the gap. Nevertheless, FC Ireland didn’t give up and continued to fight until the very end.

Furthermore, Charleroi’s team attitude on the field was notable, with unsportsmanlike behaviors that sparked controversy. Their coach, shouting like a madman from the sidelines, only added to the intensity of the match.

In the end, the match concluded with a 2-2 score, but FC Ireland deserved much more than that result. They proved their strength and hope to take their revenge in the return match, once again showcasing their true fighting spirit.

Goals galore this weekend for Ladies 1. After a good start from Mons, with Irlande struggling to get into the game, Parker decided to take matters into her own hands pushing off one of the Mons defenders and nicely putting the ball in the net. After this Irlande started to find each other, creating more chances, with Momo beautifully scoring shortly after Parkers goal.

Mons managed to score from a long range freekick putting the team under pressure, making the score 1-2. However, the girls were not frightened, with Louise scoring a beautiful goal from a shot outside the box within two minutes of Mons’ goal. It was a weekend of worldies for Irlande, with Parker and Momo also scoring nice long-range goals in the first half.

Irlande started the second half like they ended the first, fighting for each other, creating nice chances, and scoring goals. They kept focus, not letting the score affect the way they played. However, after one of our centre-backs caught the ball in the penalty box, it gave Mons a goal from a penalty. Nevertheless, the team did not give Mons the opportunity to come back into the game with a great defensive display from the Irlande backline. The game was topped off with Parker perfectly executing a step-over and scoring in a 1v1 with the goalkeeper, a step-over we have so often practiced in training.

Overall, it was a great game for Irlande, with the defence being solid and the attack managing to find each other very well and scoring plenty of goals.

On a cool evening at Auderghem, FC Irlande faced a tough match against Standard C Liege. The game began with intensity, both teams establishing their formations and battling for control. Dounia’s nimble footwork was quickly put to the test, earning a free kick that set the tone for a game full of opportunities.

FC Irlande displayed remarkable teamwork, with strategic plays that resulted in Momo capitalizing on a well-timed assist from Mel – 1:1. Everything is up for grabs again. The teams went into halftime tied, with Irlande’s defensive strategy honed in on containing Liege’s strategic offense.

The second half saw Liege stepping up their game, breaking through with two goals despite Irlande’s resilient defense. FC Irlande continued to fight back, creating chances and pushing for a comeback, but Liege’s defense stood firm.

Despite resolute defense and a spirited offensive, Liege’s physicality tipped the balance, netting two additional goals in the second half, finalizing a 3-1 victory. FC Irlande, although not triumphant, can hold heads high, having delivered an admirable performance against a tough opponent.

FC Irlande began in a 4-5-1 and Sainte Ode began in a 4-3-3 with very high wingers.

1530 Game start with Irlande defending into a strong wind and Sainte Ode defending a goal full of mud. Sainte Ode plays an early through ball centrally that Olatz charges forward to clear to our right wing.
Generally, our defense is connecting well. Both FBs have shown pace and good instincts to cut out the oppositions passes.

12 min- Goal FC Irlande- Momo (8) scores a beautiful free-kick from ~40m- lofting a driven ball over a three-woman wall to the far-post upper corner of the goal.

14 min- Goal Sainte Ode- Opposing #10 plays a long lofted around the four woman wall to the far-post.  Olatz jumps to save, but the ball pushes past her fingertips.

Half-time: We handled well the heavy wind and ensuing pressure from Sainte Ode.  Ines has had an amazing match with ~10 smothers of clear chances to the opposing 11 or 3 and some great overlapping runs up the pitch.  Violette has been very strong in the 3 with several defensive headers to cut through passes and not been beaten by a single play.
50 min- Goal FC Irlande- Nawal (8) checks to Ines (7) to receive and uses a good skill move to turn upfield against the defending 6.  She plays a diagonal through ball behind the 5 who has stepped to her putting Momo (8) in on goal.  Momo holds off the opposing 4 and chips the charging keeper calmly to score.

56 min- Goal FC Irlande- Parker (9) checks onto a through ball from Mel (7) and drives a central cross.  Nawal (8) heads the cross through to Ines (11) who collects and calmly dribbles with back to goal in the box.  AJ overlaps inside and is played in 1v1 with the keeper.  AJ lays a slotted shot to the far post low on the keepers left.

60 min- Goal Sainte Ode- Handball penalty against AJ (6) at the edge of our penalty area.  Shot is driven low and to the keepers right.  The goal is a muddy mess, and Olatz doesn’t get a touch.

81 min- Goal Sainte Ode- through ball from the opposing 7 put Sainte Ode 1v1 with Olatz (1).  Olatz makes a slap save to her left and low, but the ball is spilled directly in the path of the attacker who scores.

Full Time- 3-3.  Sainte Ode fans are cheering like they won the match, and we can’t help but feel like we left points on the table.  This always seemed like a weekend that we needed to survive with so many injuries, sicknesses, and last minute cancellations, then the weather and calls seeming to go against us.  Throughout the day, most of the team was playing in unfamiliar positions and handled well their responsibilities and attitude.

For their second game of the season, first one away, the ladies in green went with a full squad to Loyers, to play one of the toughest and most technically skillful teams of the league. Sarah brilliantly covered their best player giving her no room to breathe. Parker challenged their defense accompanied by Louise and Cintia. Momo and Magda kept a tight midfield, allowing no passes through. Isa, Geanni, Michel and Rebecca in the defensive line took Loyers’ attacks apart and didn’t let them through. Yet, in spite of keeping a tight formation and having a couple of great shots, the ladies ended up the first half losing 4-0.

Thanks to the great coaching and words of encouragement from Ben and Hélène, the ladies went onto play the second half with renewed forces and a clear strategy in mind. The ladies played their beautiful game and gave loyers a very hard time, scoring not one (Parker), not two (Mel) but three (Parker) goals! Goes without saying also thanks to the timely additions of Mel, Nawal, Priscila and Lilly who helped the team to push harder and end with a great 4-3 score.

All in all, one of those matches the ladies can be proud of despite not bringing the 3 points home. Shout out, to the amazing ladies who came to complete the squad even having played a previous match on the same day. And to our supporters, especially to the youngest and MVP, Sutton.

Sunny and warm, very warm, day at Auderghem to play the first game of the season of our LADIES I against CS PAYS VERT OSTICHES-ATH, champion of P1 last year and recently promoted to D2.

We had some fresh faces out there – Rebecca, our new central defender, who will definitely become a brick wall this season, and we welcomed back Nawal and Geani after a season break from FCI. It’s great to have them back on board !

Our Girls in Green started strong, but CS PAYS VERT OSTICHES-ATH brought some serious game too. They were building up some good actions until FC Irlande decided to show their magic. Louise stole the spotlight with a stunning long shot, earning the team their first goal. Momo made it two with a penalty shot after Mel was tripped in the box. In the second half, Mel worked her magic again, scoring the third goal for the girls in green.
Our ladies fought till the very last minute, and they shut it down with a clean sheet.

And let’s not forget to give a shoutout to the fantastic new coaches, Ben and Helene; they’re doing a stellar job.

Exciting season for our ladies 1 ! See you next Saturday at Loyers !!

All fixtures and results

#1 September 9, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 1 3 - 0 Report CS Pays Vert Ostiches-Ath A
#2 September 16, 2023 R.U.S.Loyers 4 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#3 September 23, 2023 RUS Ste Ode A 3 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#4 October 7, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 3 Report R. Standard de Liège C
#5 October 14, 2023 Renaissance A.E.C. Mons B 3 - 9 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#6 October 21, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 1 2 - 2 Report Sporting Du Pays De Charleroi B
#7 November 11, 2023 R.FC. de Liège A 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#8 November 18, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 1 3 - 1 Report R. Union St-Gilloise
#9 November 26, 2023 R. Cercle Sportif Andennais 0 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#11 December 9, 2023 Femina White Star Woluwe B - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#12 January 13, 2024 CS Pays Vert Ostiches-Ath A - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#13 January 20, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - R.U.S.Loyers
#14 January 27, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - RUS Ste Ode A
#15 February 10, 2024 R. Standard de Liège C - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#16 February 17, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - Renaissance A.E.C. Mons B
#17 March 16, 2024 Sporting Du Pays De Charleroi B - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#18 March 23, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - R.FC. de Liège A
#19 April 7, 2024 R. Union St-Gilloise - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#20 April 13, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - R. Cercle Sportif Andennais
#21 April 20, 2024 Wallonia Club Sibret A - FC Irlande Ladies 1
#22 April 27, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 1 - Femina White Star Woluwe B

FC Irlande Ladies 1

  • Coach : Ben Wilder
  • Coach : Helene Albrechtsen
  • Captain : Sophia Müller
  • Captain : Isabel Roche

Top goals scorers

  • Parker Watson 10
  • Momo Zubiria 5
  • Mel Keegan 3
  • Louise Hourman 2
  • Rebecca Hellgren 2

Top goals assists

  • Mel Keegan 5
  • Louise Hourman 4
  • Momo Zubiria 4
  • Rebecca Hellgren 3
  • Michèle Rémy 2
  • Parker Watson 2