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The one against Maccabi was THE MATCH as FC Ireland Ladies III succeeded in facing the first team in the league – very well known for its strong players swinging left and right ready to destabilise the green positions. After some initial turbulence and unexpected snowflakes preventing Ladies III to break Maccabi’s wall in the middle, Ladies III put the foot down on the accelerator building a defensive strategy and playing counter attacks – also thanks to special guests Sephora and Magda. The second half of the game confirmed Ladies III’s eagerness to bag the win with repeated opportunities to push the ball across the pitch reaching speedy Francesca, Elena, Bea, Sarah K hungry for goals…The game was steady until magic Sarah K’s foot touched the ball form the middle pushing the ball all the way up – leaving players, opponents and spectators open-mouthed as she succeeded to score from the upper-left side of the pitch with an angle of almost 90 degrees – just few minutes before the end of the game. With a 1-0 final score – Ladies III will celebrate with a well-deserved Brazilian barbeque and bubbles!

This Saturday evening the FCI ladies III gathered in Forest to play against Maccabi. A very strong
opponent, top of our league.
The first half was very balanced with very few occasions on both sides. Our defence stood strong and
maintained 0-0 until the break.
Shortly after the resume of the match, Maccabi profited from a corner to score the only goal of the
evening. The high pressure we put at the end allowed us to bring some danger in the opposite camp,
but unfortunately the equalizing goal never came. And the game ended on the score 1-0.
Some referee’s decisions were highly questionable like a penalty not whistled in the first half and a
red card to their goalkeeper not given in the second. However, we stayed focused on our game and
showed real determination and team spirit. We will surely defeat them next time.

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#13 December 11, 2021 Maccabi Brussels A 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# April 2, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 1 - 0 Report Maccabi Brussels A

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