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On Sunday, 24 September, FC Irlande Ladies III faced Maccabi Brussels A, a club relegated from P1 last season.

The two halves of the match against Maccabi feel like two different games. While in previous matches, we tended to improve throughout them, this match was the opposite.

During the first half, FCI succeeds in remaining compact and focused, not leaving too much space for the opponent and responding to Maccabi’s physical challenge. Despite the opponent’s attacking pressure, FCI also creates dangerous scoring opportunities. Especially Bea, thanks to her speed and promptness, creates havoc on Maccabi’s defence and causes problems for their goalie. For the first time this season, FCI finishes the first half without conceding any goal but losing two players due to injuries.

The second half starts with the result of 0-0, but the draw does not last long. At the 48’, a penalty is called in favour of Maccabi. Olatz initially stops the shot, but Maccabi scores from the rebound. Five minutes later, Maccabi finds the second goal from a corner kick. The one-two hits FCI heavily, and remaining focused on the match becomes gradually more difficult. Another injury does not help FCI that starting the game with a full squad remains with only one change on the bench. Maccabi scores the other three goals, concluding the match with the result of 5-0.

The final result is highly disappointing, especially considering how we started the match. Obviously, we must learn from the mistakes of the second half, but we must recognise the effort and quality put in the first one. We also learned that Teresa has TWO ears, and she can use them really well. Thanks to these incredible tools that she has, she became the role model for everyone in the team willing to improve as much as she did compared to last season.

Player of the match: Dilara

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