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We started quite well with a strong will. MTM scored the 1st goal a bit out of nowhere. But nothing could deflect us from the win today. 1-1 Yonut (lucky assist from LaGine). 2nd half 100% own with. 2-1 Julian aka the playmaker (lucky assist from LaGine) and 3-1 Alvaro (assist from Julian). Very enjoyable team ! COYBIG !!!!

On a very warm afternoon the seconds jump on the pitch willing to get the first points of the season against MTM FC.

The first half kicked of with Valentin in goal, Ryan and Matteo defense, Hadri and Julian as left and righ back. The midfield was composed by Neil, Dastan and Brioche and the attack counted with Lolo, Benji and Amadou. In the bench ready to come in was Luis, Mathias and Ionut. The boys in green started the game with confidence, on a pitch uncommonly small, where the space for good football was scarse.

Nevertheless, the seconds adapted and played their football, using the overload and physical pressure on the wings and the box. The adversary was well constructed and did not give a lot of opportunities in the defense. The game was mostly played in the midfield where both sides struggled to find space to advance and create chances. After some divided balls, the opponents where able to score in a quick and sudden shot from outside the box.

The team felt that strike, and lowered the level of the football, the intensity was there, the hunger for goal as well, but the game did not reflect that. The seconds were able to create some chances and shoot, but none took real danger and the opponent keeper was not really tested. As the seconds were closer to the adversary, and in a game moment where we were pressuring, a quick counter attack resulted in a goal and fixed the result in 2-0.

The boys continued to pressure and where coming once again closer to goal, but once again bad luck paid a visit and in a disputed ball, Amadou gave his best to get the ball but a bad fall caused him to break his wrist. With only 10 on the pitch, we remained focused and pressured even more the opponent, stealing the ball and advancing with speed and purpose. But the history of the game didn’t change.

Overall, we suffered from the same old story and the small mistakes were translated into conceded goals and not in scored goals. The intensity is there, the quality as well, it needs to be translated into goals and victories.

We need and will do better.

Last note is for our MVP Amadou that broke his wrist in a disputed ball where he gave it all, he went into surgery with no complications and is now recovering, we hope to see him back on the football fields in the near future.
Final Score 2-0, MOTM Neil.

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