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3 points more for the 4ths today after a difficult but great fight.

We started well and dominated the first half.
It could have been more goals but we ended up this 1st half winning 1-0 after the goal number 16 of the season for Draga, enjoying a mistake from his defender.
He stole the ball and won his face to face against the keeper.

The 2nd half was more difficult for us playing uphill and their equalizer was actuall deserved. They enjoyed one of our defensive mistake.
It was 1-1 and it looked like it would be the final score.

But at the last minute of the game, and in our last corner, the miracle happend: 1st goal of the season for us in a corner!
Fabi shot it, Villu disturbed the keeper and Draga headed the ball inside! 2-1 final score.

Maybe not very deserved, but definitely very enjoyable!

4ths won 3-1 today.
3 important points against a team who played for not going down.
That wasnt an easy game and despite leading 2-0 early in the game thanks to Manu and Michal, we conceded a free kick before HT.
Our opponent really tried to get a point during the 2nd half but we hold very well, fought a lot and werent really in danger.
3rd goal came late in the game thanks to a beautiful long shot from Giuseppe after a good pressing from costi to steal the ball.
3-1 final score.
Motm: Vicente

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