Omnisport Bierghes 2

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Vets2 played Omnisport Bierges. In the first half we created some chances and Xavier eventually scored from about 25 meters (with a little help from the wind). In the 2nd half we conceded 1 from an unfortunate own goal and then a 2nd. We had our chances to draw but it wasn’t meant to be. End score: 1-2. MOTM was Jörg, in his last FCI performance. Vets2 finish the season with the most points and best position ever, and achieving the captains’ goal of a top of the table finish.

Vets2 played Omnisport Bierges at probably one of the worst pitches in the whole of abssa. Details of the match are hazy, but it seems to be confirmed that Matt Williams scored a goal!! and that Pascal also scored from a penalty. Final score: 6-2 for Bierges.

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#12 November 20, 2021 Omnisport Bierghes 2 6 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#26 March 19, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 2 Report Omnisport Bierghes 2

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