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The match started with a very good pace, with both teams fighting hard for the ball. Slowly fc irlande started controlling the midfield, with some great skills shown from all our players. This team- play was rewarded by our first goal, when Fransesca broke free on the right and made a wonderful pass to Juliette who was in perfect position to make it 1-0. Fc Irlande kept up the pressure and was soon rewarded with a free kick, which was brilliantly converted by Dara. 2-0 for our ladies! We finished the first half with another goal from Dara.

The second half was very rough, with many fouls made by our opponent. The constant pressure of Nivellois led to their first goal. The second goal of Nivellois was scored by a penalty, a highly debatable decision, but we kept defending resolutely to hold on for the win!3-2 Final score! A well deserved win for our ladies in green!


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#8 October 23, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R.C.S. Nivellois