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Saturday night prime time.. what dreams are made of. On Saturday evening, our Ladies I squad ventured out to take on Royal Football Club Liege for a frigid 8pm kickoff (which unfortunately was past Momo’s bedtime, hence her absence from this match).

Sure, some of the FCI ladies may have been feeling hunger pangs from the dinner they were missing, but, as a squad, they were even hungrier for a win after their two week match-hiatus. The start of the match reflected this hunger, as the ladies in green fought to dominate a pitch that was as wide as it was long. The first half was marked by the team finding their passing groove, with a series of penetrating passes from the Defensive Trio (Geani, Mich, and Isa) and Mid Trio (Sarah H, Olivia, and Magda) to the speeeedy wings (Mel and Rebecca). Meanwhile, our feisty strikers (Nawal and Ines) did what they could to be a nuisance for the opponents’ overloaded defense. Huge shout-out and kudos and love to our ever faithful goalkeeper (the one and only OlAtz) who put her body on the line on many an occasion to protect the goal—a commitment that ultimately earned her a yellow card. Also huge shout-out to Michele’s shoulder who took quite a beating when it collided with Olatz’s head. Nevertheless, despite matching (and dare I say, surpassing!) their opponents in level of play, FCI found themselves down 1-0 at the half after a goal off a corner kick (the exact details of which the author of this match report does not remember).

FCI came out in STRONG in the second half, challenging the opposition’s defense from the first minute. Shadia and Nikki came on to take over the offensive forces, and immediately made an impact with their dangerous combination play with the midfield. Nevertheless, the odds were not in FCI’s favor and the ball simply would not go into the opponent’s net, despite clear possession and play domination. A breakaway play by the opponents in the last minute may have crushed our hearts, but our spirits remain intact.


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