R. Union St-Gilloise B

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What a beautiful day to be wearing green. The sun was shining, quite strongly for Belgian standards, but Ladies 2 was ready to embark on their first game of the season.

Union Saint Gilloise had moved up from P2 and gave all their might the second the game started, but FC Ireland showed a deeper strength that brought them a glorious victory.

The defense and midfield battled for the ball and sent quite a few balls up to the strikers and wings. Specifically one ball landed upon winger Francesca who was determined to never let go of the ball until it smashed into the back on the net. It was magnificent. Not long after though, Union showed their might and placed a ball in the back on the net as well, but this didn’t disrupt FC Ireland’s force.
In the second half, newtime Ida striker gathered the ball and made a perfectly placed cross for Lily who easily hit the ball into the back of the net as well.
FC Ireland did not stop. Momo’s powerful shot hit the cross bar only once before she lobbed a very high ball, impossible for the keep to stop. The crowd went wild.
The teams battled on. Everyone sensed yet another goal was near. Through ball after through ball was sent, everyone trying to get another goal. Once again, Francesca battled for the ball and Rebby was able to secure a shot making it impossible for the keeper to stop it!
Final score 4-1! Well done ladies, 100 % effort from all the ladies present. Well done!

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