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Last Thursday, FC Irlande ladies 2 faced R. Union Saint-Gilloise. The weather on this Thanksgiving night was calm and serene, yet the attitude and effort ready to be given in this game was the complete opposite. It was going to be a tough game, as the opponent was first in the league. However, the ladies did not let this fact hold them back.

The opposition’s first goal occurred in the first half at minute 15. No other goals were scored on this half. This is due to each player giving great effort individually, but also being able to come together to defend and move in a formation as a team. This combination of a solid backline protected by a well organised midfield and attackers, was able to give a real run for their money to the top team in the league. A special thanks has to be noted for Sephora and Sara, who came to help ladies 2 in this tough match.

The ladies kept playing strong in the second half. The wingers and strikers ran tirelessly up and down the field, giving FCI opportunities to get a few good attacks and shots. Despite the determination of FC Irlande, Union Saint-Gilloise was able to score their second goal at minute 55. Then, a long shot to the goal at minute 70, resulted in the score being 3-0. The fourth and last goal came from a free-kick right before the end of the game. The ladies did not give up however, and fought with their heads up high until the final whistle. An example of this was Mariana, who persevered through the game despite an injury, and was able to make some great saves.

The most important development in the last few games can be seen in the shift of mentality and ability to play each battle with determination and focus. It is great to see the ladies gaining confidence in their abilities as individual players and as a team. Although the score on paper was not ideal, we can safely say it does not represent the quality or effort given by the ladies. The coaches, players, and the club can be very proud of the performance of FCI in this game.

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