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This Sunday’s home game against Wavre Limal was set on a perfectly calm autumn day. Excitement was in the air, as both Ladies 2 and 3 were playing at the same time. This was going to be a good and competitive match, with teams ranked right after each other on the league table.

The first half was full of action, with both teams playing very well. As clear sign of the team getting to know each other more, the ladies had great communication, and played very well together as a unit. The ladies had an extremely strong and collective defensive form, led by their solid backline. Even though FC Irlande had some good attacking plays, no goals were scored by either team on the first half.

The second half ended up being a little more emotional.
The rest of the 90 minute game consisted of much more quick changes of direction and through balls. It was great to notice the team implementing what they have been practicing throughout the last few weeks. This was seen in the ladies being able to switch the ball from one side to another, where there was more space.

At minute 82’, Mel scored a great goal, making the game 1-0. (special thanks to Mel for coming to help out Ladies 2)
90 minutes had been played, and the game was 1-0 to FC Irlande. Only thing missing was the final whistle, and everyone could go celebrate at the buvette. No such whistle came. The ladies became agitated, and Wavre Limal was able to score on overtime to even up the score. With much rage and confusion in the air, the opposition was able to score quickly again, to make the score 1-2. And then, right after (of course), the final whistle came.

Despite a few temper tantrums and red cards, (somehow Fran was able to dodge this) we can say that FC Irlande played extremely well, and can be proud of this Sunday’s performance.

If we have to note a positive side to this unlucky situation, we should take this as a lesson to never give up, and to ALWAYS play until the end, regardless of how unbelievable the circumstances are.

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#5 October 2, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 2 1 - 2 Report R. Wavre Limal