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The alarm clock was set very -too– early for our Ladies III players last Sunday. The team had to brave the morning snow to get to Jodoigne to play the return match. But snow in March after three very sunny and warm weeks? Nothing shocking, according to Coach Mathias: “Spring starts tomorrow. Snow in winter is normal”. Ah ok, now this is noted.
The result of this match was more than decisive: Jodoigne was close to us in the ranking, with the same number of points. On top of that, it was crucial to keep going on the recent winning streak.
Some quick naps in the vestiaire before the announcement of the Starting XI and the dream squad was all set. The first part of the match was very balanced. Jodoigne played some good football and managed to make some good savings in the mid-field. Although it was not enough to defeat the Green Pack. After a “packed-beginning”, our players managed to efficiently pass the ball, to make the opposite block move and even more importantly, to create spaces on the wings; Spaces that our ultra fast wingers knew how to avidly exploit.
Avoiding the offsides and thanks to a great demonstration of teamwork in the mid-field, Capi Fra opened the scoring after a magnificent sprint. The team was pumped up and ready to continue this momentum. After a few minutes, Fransesca scored the second goal for Ladies III. A splendid lob that made the whole bench jump with joy. However to be honest, the only one that was taken by surprise was the Jodoigne goalie.
Back in the vestiaire, Coach Mathias made some adjustments to give some players time to breathe a little.
The team demonstrated an even more controlled football during the second half. The block managed to stay high on the field which allowed some useful interceptions.  Perhaps because of a bit of tiredness facing this inexhaustible block, Jodoigne got a little slack and committed a foul in the penalty box on Capi Fra: penalty for the green team. Sarah K, with her well-known “peace of mind”, easily converted the penalty into a third goal.
Final whistle of the -very nice! – ref, and Ladies III signed its fourth victory in a row!
After an all-happy and musical celebration in the vestiaire, our players had a little rest at home before gathering at the legendary Funky Monkey to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. With the highest attendance at the club event and after having climbed to sixth place in the ranking, we can tell that this team is a team of victories!
Our Ladies III still have a few matches left to play and the motivation to keep winning is extreme. We will keep going this way! Happy Spring -no more snow then coach? – y, ¡¡VAMOS EQUIPAZO!!

FC Ireland ladies 3, after a 2 week break, came full force to face Jodoigne. Despite possession and domination, Jodoigne scored the first goal with a nice sequence through their right wing. She lobbed the ball over our well placed Mariana. But minutes later, FC Ireland hit back with a magnificent combination through our own right wing, Francesca, and center mid, Sarah. Francesca’s notorious speed and moves allowed for a perfectly placed pass so that Sarah, with ease, placed the ball in the lower left corner of the net.

The teams battled on, FC Ireland’s midfield and defense rarely let an occasion pass, but unfortunately due to a mishap of passes Jodoigne was able to sneak one past us, literally.

But this did not stop the fighting force. Eli, FC Ireland’s striker, on every ball, pressuring along with left winger Liesbeth, was able to send the ball to Francesca, who once again, kept her cool and scored FC Ireland’s second goal.

Until the final whistle, FC Ireland fired away multiple shots, but with no luck. The game was to end a tie, 2-2. The defense, along with FC Ireland’s goalkeeper, Mariana, remained a wall during the second half. Midfield stringed through many passes for many- MANY- occasions. It was an excellent game to watch, well done ladies!

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#10 November 20, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 2 Report RAS.Jodoigne B
# March 20, 2022 RAS.Jodoigne B 0 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3

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