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FC Ireland ladies 3, after a 2 week break, came full force to face Jodoigne. Despite possession and domination, Jodoigne scored the first goal with a nice sequence through their right wing. She lobbed the ball over our well placed Mariana. But minutes later, FC Ireland hit back with a magnificent combination through our own right wing, Francesca, and center mid, Sarah. Francesca’s notorious speed and moves allowed for a perfectly placed pass so that Sarah, with ease, placed the ball in the lower left corner of the net.

The teams battled on, FC Ireland’s midfield and defense rarely let an occasion pass, but unfortunately due to a mishap of passes Jodoigne was able to sneak one past us, literally.

But this did not stop the fighting force. Eli, FC Ireland’s striker, on every ball, pressuring along with left winger Liesbeth, was able to send the ball to Francesca, who once again, kept her cool and scored FC Ireland’s second goal.

Until the final whistle, FC Ireland fired away multiple shots, but with no luck. The game was to end a tie, 2-2. The defense, along with FC Ireland’s goalkeeper, Mariana, remained a wall during the second half. Midfield stringed through many passes for many- MANY- occasions. It was an excellent game to watch, well done ladies!

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#10 November 20, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 2 Report RAS.Jodoigne B