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Ladies III were all pumped up for the game, not only because it is getting close to the end of the season or that they can finally play without extra layers (except Rebecca), but also because Captain Fra promised a special reward in case the girls score within the first 3 minutes. And so it starts ! After 2′, Fra is already in the opponent’s penalty area! Saintoise caught the shot from Fra and again blocked Elena’s attempt a few second later. The girls in green unlocked the floodgates at 9′ with a goal from Eli. Fra, chasing the top scorer position, knocked another goal in at 10′. The girls are on fire and a third goal gets in at 15′, not clear from whom however. Eli continues with a fourth goal at 16′, and so did the game unfold: Sarah K at 38′, Liesbet at 45′, Sarah K at 57′, Eli at 62′, Rebecca at 72′, Liesbet at 80′ and final goal from Fra, at 81′. Nice win for a nice day !

FC Irlande arrived at Saintoise on a beautiful sun for their first away game. Bumpy and downhill pitch didn’t manage to take their motivation away, though it took the defence few minutes to be fully present (3’ to be accurate). First goal from Saintoise, offside according to FC Irlande coach, which the referee didn’t see, as well as other obvious fault. Ladies in green showed their presence fast after with a goal from Virg. Second goal was from Saintoise in her own net, trying to defence the good pressure of our attackers. 3-1 and 4-1 followed quite soon, also Virginie’s hard work. Very surprisingly, the opponent got a penalty and score the 2-5. Francesca putted the 6th goal just before the half time.

FC Irlande had no mercy and  added two other goals in the second half, one from Francesca, the other which she was also part of, putting a ball at the penalty spot for Carmen perfectly positioned. Last but not least, Saintoise putted a great shot from far away and ended the game on 3-8, final score. First away game victory !

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#3 September 18, 2021 RAS Saintoise 3 - 8 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#15 April 23, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 11 - 0 Report RAS Saintoise

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