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Ladies III started this match against RRC de Boitsfort hungry for another win after securing three points earlier in the week against Wavre. Our P2 team has been sitting in the middle of the pack and needed some points to stay in the running for the top four. In order to achieve this goal, Mathias Master Tactician Neelen prepared a unique combination for this match. Our striker, Elena, was flipped to left defense and Rebecca was placed in defensive mid. We started the match with a more conservative approach to feel out our opponents. And feel out we did with Elena’s first yellow card of the season. The first half went fairly smoothly with two major exceptions: we lost two players to injury, in other words, we would enter the second half with no subs. Mathias scrambled and came up with a new plan to address what we learned in the first half and also to give us the edge we needed to hopefully score a goal. His secret weapon: Antonia. Little did RRC de Boitsfort know, but Antonia was on a mission to subdue one of their stronger players. Antonia’s defensive and offensive tactics in the midfield ran frustrations high, earning RRC de Boitsfort their second yellow for the same player, which tossed her from the game. Ladies III mananged to control more of the game the second half despite having tired legs from no subs. Juju, Elena, Bea, and Fra were all dangerously close to scoring, but were not able to get past RRC de Boitsfort’s strong keeper. Although running on fumes, Ladies III’s hearts and fighting spirit hung in there until the end, awarding them a point for their 0-0 draw. Ladies III remains securely in the middle of the pack, 7th out of 14, but still very much in the running for a higher position if they can stay healthy. Sarah hereby bans the team from any more sprained ankles.

Another amazing team performance by Ladies 3, on a blissful Sunday morning, at the home grounds of RRC Boitsfort.
Right from the beginning, FCI took control over the ball and Juliette opened the score by kicking one of her signature strong shots high up in the corner of the net. Several shots towards both goalies were exchanged in the next 10 minutes and RRC Boitsfort brought back the intrigue in the game- 1:1.
The ladies in green managed to keep their focus and shorty after that, in the 16’ min, Juliette again
gave the advantage to the FCI with a brilliant shot near the goalkeeper.
Defense and midfield were at the top of their game with good communication and passes between

Half time: FCI leads 2:1

At the beginning of the second half, FCI did a couple of chess moves and placed their formidable
midfielder Sarah N., who was on fire the whole game (thanks also to the additional support from her family), on the left wing. That new formation led to Sarah giving an assist to Francesca who gave a lot of safety in the team by scoring for 3:1 and minutes after that again for 4:1.
At this score, it was time for the players on the bench to join the fun and shorty after her debut on
the field, Elena boosted the score to 5:1.
Naturally, given the result, there was a bit of loosening amongst the green team, so RRC Boitsfort
managed to give back another goal.

Final score RRC Boitsfort – FCI 2:5

It must be Noted that it was a game with great sportsmanship from the players of both teams. It was nice to see the group of spectators on the side applauding both teams at the end of the game.
And to finish off with the wise words recently said by our wonderful coach Mathias: “…amazing work ladies….we keep fighting for the top spots”!
Next stop: home game VS RCS Nivellois

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#7 October 17, 2021 RRC Boitsfort 2 - 5 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# February 12, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 0 - 0 Report RRC Boitsfort

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