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The fourth game of the season took place on a crispy autumn day in beautiful Auderghem. Ladies 2 were ready to welcome a new local rival, R.R.C. D’Etterbeek, who were promoted to P1 for this season. While our friends from Etterbeek were hungry to win their first points of the season, the green ladies were just as determined to continue their unbeaten streak.

Only three minutes after the kick-off whistle, FC Irlande hit the net for the first time, after a beautiful interplay between Gillian and Priscila. Etterbeek kept their cool and continued challenging the Irish defense. Thanks to the great discipline of our fullbacks Lily and Alicia, the opponent’s attacking attempts were stopped time and again. Several dangerous passes and attacking attempts were also intercepted by our solid central defender AJ and the Finnish midfield engine duo Lotta and Vilja.

After several good attempts following quick runs from Marianne (a.k.a ”the Happiest Winger on Earth”) and great passing in the center, the ball hit the net again in the 32nd minute. Another two goals for FCI were buried in the net before the halftime break, including a beautiful shot from our tireless Rebby.

With a safe 4-0 lead for the second half, our FCI ladies could have safely relaxed and settled for a quiet second half. But instead, the remaining 45 minutes turned out to be at least as good a spectacle as the first half. With always hard-working Su and Shadia’s lively legs on the field, there was a lot left to give. Shadia did a strong job as usual and slipped beautifully past Etterbeek’s defenders and slammed in an elegant goal. A great long run on the left side by fullback Lily and a clean finish resulted in yet another goal. And above all – the Priscila Show was far from over. Her goal balance for the night ended with no less than six goals (hooray! And happy birthday)!

The Etterbeek side did not stop fighting despite the merciless FCI scoring machine. They created a couple of attempts, which were all safely stopped by our wall Mariana. Some great coaching by Martin also kept the FCI defenders focused and motivated to keep a clean sheet throughout the game.

With a final score of 9-0 for the greens, the post-game beers tasted sweeter than ever.

Special kudos to our iron women Priscila and AJ who warmed up before the game by driving almost all the way to Luxembourg to play with FCI Ladies 1. Another word of praise for Alicia and Alex, who stepped in to strengthened the Ladies 2 squad. That’s some real club spirit!


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#4 September 23, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 9 - 0 Report RRC Etterbeek