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Shala lalalalalala ! FC Irlande started on the front foot as one would say and took control of the game since the beginning. No space or ball for the opposition side but we had to wait a foul on Ionut in the penalty box to take the lead. Penalty taken and beautifully converted by Julian with a “panenka”. 1-0 half time.

In the second half, the boys in green calmly stayed in control while Union JP were pushing to get an equalizer. Lolo used the space left behind to cross for Ionut. 2-0. In the dying minutes of the game, Neelen scored a long range screamer or a golaço for the Spanish speaking boys in here. One two three viva FC irlande 💚

This was a very beautiful Saturday to make the war for the Rebels in Green, color of the wise Master Yoda. The Rebels were playing away, in Anderlecht aka “The Tatooine of Brussels” And who else than Union JP (JP standing for “Jean Palpatine”) to make it an intense war. The Rebels had to get revenge from the last games they played against the Empire.

In the starting line-up, François “Mace Windu” Branchu was guarding the Temple, the Captain of the Falcon Millenium spaceship Ryan “Han Solo” Self (this one was pretty easy) and Hadrien “Qui-Gon Jinn” Valembois were holding the central defense, with Julian “R2D2” Rueda (nothing to do with the height but more for the fact that R2D2 is always very helpful in any situation as Julian is at any position on the pitch) and Nate “Jar Jar Binks” Banas (as he is from another continent/planet and always fixes problems at the last second like his tackles on the striker) on the right and left sides.

In front of the defense, Neil “Lando Calrissian” Servais was in number 6, helped by the reckless Benjamin “Luke Skywalker” Le Coz and our PPOP Luis “Leia Organa” Ramos in front of him.

Our fast pilots Benjamin “C3PO” Benjelloun (i know this robot is not the best pilot but he speaks one thousand languages like Benji) and the strong Ionut “Anakin Skywalker” Nedelcu, had the hard job on the X-Wings (reference for the true Star Wars fans). And to replace our dear MVP Amadou “The Mandalorian” Boubacar up front, Lorenz “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Blanco was in number 9 position.

As commandant of the spaceship, John-Simon “Master Yoda” Sparks was leading his army. Outside of the spaceship, Pierre “Boba Fett” Eichstädt and Stefanie “Padmé Amidala” Brugghemans (i know Padmé had two kids with Anakin but hey, it’s just a story) were present to support the Rebellion.

The Rebels began their game on the good way as they struck within 5 minutes with Obi-Wan reaching Dark Maul (the opponent keeper) with his lightsaber after C3PO threw the weapon to him. The Rebels started with a lot of confidence as they were feeling that it could finally be the first battle won of the season.

The battle in the middle of the Galaxy from the Rebels in Green was marvelous, worthy of the whole Star Wars saga (except “The attack of the Clones” and the 3 latest movies). The Rebels were creating many chances but didn’t manage to make a second powerful strike. To defend the spaceship, our four warriors + Mace Windu were keeping the clean sheet. 0-1 at half time. (as if there was a pause during a war but whatever).

In the part of the war, The Empire started to put more and more pressure on the Rebels and was getting closer and closer to the centre of the spaceship. The Rebels soon had to admit a first defeat as the Siths managed to make some damage. 1-1. The Rebels were groggy, and didn’t have the time to regain consciousness that The Empire launched a second powerful strike in no time. The Siths had taken the lead. 1-2.

The Rebels needed some help. This was the moment for the courageous Dastan “Chewbacca” Salehi, Gabriel “Rey Skywalker” Jacqmin and Mathias “Finn” Gineste to enter the spaceship. The war created a lot of collateral damage but none side was giving up.

As the Siths thought they were about to win the war as they were on defensive mode with their beam shield, Obi-Wan Kenobi struck with his special lightsaber attack and destroyed a big part of the Empire spaceship. As both spaceships took a lot of damage, both sides retreated and left the huge galactic battlefield.

The Rebels didn’t win this war, but this battle was maybe the beginning of a wonderful adventure for the Rebellion.

May the force be with us ! 💚💪

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#4 September 25, 2021 Union JP 1 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#18 January 22, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 3 - 0 Report Union JP 1

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