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Seconds played against old friends Union JP who play out in Anderlecht. After a good warm up and an overall sense that this was our day we started very poorly and could not string two passes together. That being said we still managed to hit the post and create the better chances but to no avail. Half time came and went with little improvement. It got even worse as Union JP took the lard by scoring a lovely goal. We were lucky not to concede more. We really were not in this one. Fortunately a tactical change and super subs flipped the game. Within minutes the seconds had levelled. From this point there was only one team on the pitch. 1-4 goals from Joao 2, Luis and Gaby sealed the deal. 💚

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#7 October 14, 2023 Union JP 1 1 - 4 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#20 February 17, 2024 FC Irlande Men 2 - Union JP 1