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A great philosopher once said « you need to score more than you concede »…
On a cold but bright day in Anderlecht, the boys in green were playing against arch-enemy (Union JP)
The boys started very well, spirit high, concentrated and fighting in every ball with the grinta of Saudi Arabia (but while caring about human rights) the Lads were controlling the game but after a fault not whistled and a lack of clearance from our boys, Union managed to score a goal out of nowhere totally against the course of the game …the boys kept their heads up and kept fighting until the end of the first half …the second started as well, no drip in intensity …the opponents had no opportunities and then came the light : Gineste was pissed off to realize some had mistaken the « JP » of Union JP for Jean Pierre Papin and set on correcting that mistake: he score a nice goal in the left of the keeper proving he is the one and only JPP. The boys kept the intensity high and kept pressuring the opponent. They could not clear a ball from their box, and inadvertently put the ball in their own goal…2-1….you think the boys were finished …No, sir…that ain’t enough …we kept pushing and ultimately got a 3-1 from Gabi …who still was not finished and almost score the 4-1 in the end …
A beautiful team spirit and intensity with each an every player fighting on each and every ball…the win was totally deserved …
In the end, we scored (much!) more than we conceded :3-1 …then end (…for now…)

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