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Saturday 29th of January, Ladies 1 headed over to Westerlo’ grounds for their first game of 2022. We were facing a very good team of Westerlo, who had won almost all of their matches this season. Our Ladies 1 found themselves facing a very strong team, who wasn’t afraid of contact to recuperate balls and that’s what our team lacked: a lot of fierceness.

Half-time score: 5-0

After returning from the lockers, following our coach’s speech, we returned on the pitch with nothing to loose. The strikers tried to play lower. Most of our missed goal opportunities were from free kicks or corner kicks but we rarely had a clear chance to score a goal. We were defeated by Westerlo team, who kept their positions well and keep scoring again and again.

Final score: 10-0

Third game of the season starts with a good attitude from our girls, good pressure and lots of opportunities, despite a very quick goal from their side at the 2nd minute.
We equalize quite fast at the 6th with a great pressing from Laurie up front.
But they keep pushing and with a good football combination from Westerlo, the score is 3-1 after 9 minutes.
Dilara unfortunately gets injured after half an hour and Sephora replaces her immediately.
We try to keep it up before break but they score another time.
Two more changes at halftime and we are ready to fight again !
But bad luck again, Clara gets a (deserved) red card and needs to be replaced in the goal. We finish the game with 10 players and it gets more and more difficult to compete with a solid team as Westerlo.
Final score : 1-6.

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#3 September 11, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 6 Report Westerlo
#16 January 29, 2022 Westerlo 10 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1

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