Player´s Guide

May 26, 2018 5:11 pm

Players’ Guide: What you need on Matchday for FC Irlande                                                                                                                                                      

You can only play competitive matches for FC IRLANDE once you have been registered with ABSSA. To join the club and be registered, please contact the club’s ABSSA Secretary, or one of the team captains. This is best done at a training session. Otherwise you can contact the Secretaries at

When playing for FC Irlande in ABSSA on a Saturday you must bring the following:

–    Your ID card

You need to bring either your Belgian ID Card, Special ID card (for EU officials), residence permit or your ABSSA Card.

If you do not have any Belgian ID document, you will need to apply for a “federation card”. This is an ID provided by ABSSA. You need to contact the clubs ABSSA secretary and provide two passport photos and a copy of your passport or national ID to apply for this. (It usually takes at least two weeks for ABSSA to issue a card.)

ABSSA does not accept any other document (passport, foreign ID card) to play.

Without an ID card you cannot play a League match, so don’t forget it.

–    White FC Irlande shorts

–    White FC Irlande football socks

–    Shinpads (without shinpads the referee will not allow you to play)

–    Football boots: Moulded studs are normally sufficient for Belgian pitches, however, longer studs may be needed during the winter months when the pitches turn to mud. Often matches are played on astro turf. Normally you will be informed of this before the game.

You will be provided with a football shirt.

If you are in the squad, you will be e-mailed a time and meeting place. For home games be at the pitch an hour before kick-off time. Kick off times are different depending on which team you are playing for, so check in advance if you don’t know.

For away games the meeting time will be an hour before the game, at the away club’s facility. You can always check the respective address on the ABSSA website, if you know the name of the opposition.

Please make sure you are there on time as the captain and delegate need some time for their team talk, collect IDs and enter the data into the tablet and the team needs some time to warm up together.

After the match you will be asked to vote for a man of the match. If it’s you, then you will have to buy a round. Bring enough money for this, however, if finances are a problem, do not hesitate to have a quiet word with your captain.

Enjoy the game!