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4ths were also away to face Wong today for one of the last 3 deciders. Any other result than a win would end our chance for the title.
Firsts 20 mins of the game were very even, we missed a couple of clear chances but the opponent also had some easy opportunities. But Matteo was there to keep us alive.
We scored the opener by Draga after a nice free-kick from Nick. 1-0 HT but very poor football.

2nd half was much better, we were liberated by this 1st goal and played much higher, better and with confidence. We scored 4 more to end up with a 5-0 win.

2 Draga
2 Vita

Motm: Matteo

4ths won 2-1 today in a very tight game.
Without a lot of players and with late injuries and sick players, we had to show a lot of solidarity and personnality today to stay in the fight for the title.
We honestly played bad today but we fought as never for those 3 points. And it makes this win even nicer.
Goals scored by Draga (penalty) and Vita for their goals 15 of the season.
Opposition scored with 15 mins to go but we kept that win despite 2 new injuries. We stay in the fight.

4ths had a big game today to stay top of the league. Unfortunately we lost it 1-3 against a good opponent.
Being now 2 points behind top position after losing this opportunity we have 4 games left to keep on dreaming.
About the game, its unfortunately a fair result. We had scored 1st with Draga for his goal 14th of the season after a nice assist from Nick. But we then made too many defensive mistake that put the opponent back in the game. Then a couple of our players injured themselves, opponent scored 1 goal just before the HT, another one just after.
We then took risk playing a back 3 but we conceded an other penalty (6th penalty of the season 🤦‍♂️) that settled the score.
Motm Matteo for a couple of impressive save today again.

After the abssa gift received on monday, 4ths had a must-win game today to stay 2 points behind the top of the league.
Without 5 key players, the squad depth made the difference.
We didn’t have a good game and the opponent had the ball possession most of the game.
But the guys with normally less game time really took over today and we just all fought for every single ball knowing that the 1st goal will be key.
Draga scored a penalty that he himself won. And Vita added a second goal 5 minutes before the end of the game.
That’s pretty much all we did today but it’s more than enough to stay in the fight.
2-0 final score. Motm Ben.

4ths had a big game today against a top 5 of the league, 3 points behind us.
We played well today, probably one of our best games this season with a lot of chances created but it was one of those days today. The ball didn’t go in and the ref gave the opposition a very generous/dubious penalty for the 0-1.
We really tried hard to come back but we didn’t manage to score this goal. Frustrating afternoon but we will bounce back and fight to remain in the top 3.
Motm Joonas

4ths were looking for a serie after our win last weekend.
We started the game very strong and against an opponent who left a lot of space in their back, it was quite easy to create chances and enjoy the speed of our offensive players. HT was 5-1 to us and we could then give lot of minutes to our 5 substitutes.
2nd half was more messy and we conceded a couple of stupid goals.
Anyway, easy but beautiful win for the 4ths today with a lot of different scorers. Final score 8-3. Motm Vitalii

4ths had to bounce back after its 2nd loss of the season last weekend. We tried a new system, a bit more offensive than usual and entered seriously in the game. We had a couple of chances in the 1st half but nothing really dangerous as the opponent mostly played compact in their half.
We subbed in 3 players at HT and immediately scored the opener after a solo goal from Fabi dribbling 3 guys and beating the keeper. It then became easier for us and we scored a 2nd goal by Vita, helped by the opponent keeper.
Nothing amazing but serious game to taste the victory again.
Motm Joonas

4ths lost this important game today.
We started strong and played a very good 1st half but weren’t efficient enough to close the game.
We/Ref gave away 2 stupid penalties that changed the game.
We were 2-3 down with 20 mins to go and unfortunately didn’t manage to score the equalizer.
2-3 final score, goals from Vita and Seba.
We will bounce back 💪

4ths targeted the 3 points today but unfortunately we couldn’t do more than a 0-0.
We had the control of the ball despite a very difficult pitch, we had the opportunities to score, we shot on the post 3 times but the ball didnt go inside today.

We were solid and never really put in danger. Ale, for his 1st game on goal for FCI made sure to keep a cleansheet.
Its a frustrating result but sometimes you just take a point and move on.
We are still in the fight for the podium.

Motm Ale

After losing their 1st game of the season last week, 4ths had to bounce back against the joint 3rds of the table.

We started the game well and focused but the 1st big opportunity of the game was for the opponent with a 1 vs 1 brillantly saved by Matteo.
That was a game changer.

We scored just before the HT with a beautiful volley from Draga. 1-0.

We then controlled the 2nd half, we stayed very compact in the back, organized in the midfield and we were efficient upfront enjoying a counterattack finished brillantly by Draga. 2-0.

Very good and solid team work today to get that win that keeps us in the top 3 of the table.

Motm Draga.

4ths began 2023 with an away game playing against a high scoring rival in Maccabi. On a windy and wet pitch, it was clear from the off that some champagne was still affecting the legs of many, and 4ths struggled to get into the game. A deflected free kick gave the opposition an early lead. The opposiont quickly capitalised and scored another before half time.

After a rousing half time chat & some changes to the team, 4ths dominated most of the 2nd half. One goal was recovered by Draga following a pass by Nick. 4ths pressed for an equaliser, and even though we hit the bar, could not quite put the ball in the net.

Final score 2-1 loss. Fabian MotM

As top of the league today 4ths was playing the 2nd for a crucial game.
We started quite well and scored the first goal with Draga taking advantage of a mistake from their gk.
We then missed a couple of easy chances and got punished by 2 counter attacks. we turned 1-2 down at HT. Not deserved but they were very efficient.
They scored a 3rd goal quite early in the 2nd half and it was starting to look like a difficult day. Weird ref decisions, lof ot time wasting from the opponent and we were still 1-3 down with 7 mins to go.
Carlo put us back in the game with a long distance beautiful shot for the 2-3.
Draga then beat the keeper with 2 mins to go after a beautiful pass from Fabi.
We showed a lot of character to come back into the game, to take this very important point and to stay unbeaten this season.
Let’s take 3 points next weekend 💪
Motm Draga

4ths stay unbeaten and top 2 of the division after sharing the points away vs 3rds of the league.
1st half was very positive, we were the better team and got a deserved 2-0 with Draga scoring twice.
1st one after a solo run and 2nd one concluding a nice team movement.
A generous penalty just before the HT and a defensive fuckup 5mins before the end of the game brought the opponent back to the game.
Positive day as we stay on top and played quite well. But frustrating because we had the game in our hands.
2-2 final score, motm Draga.

Very good performance from the 4ths today and very important win against the 5th of the table. After 2 draws in a row we needed a win to stay unbeaten and in the top 3 of the league.
First 20 mins were very tough and disputed. Opposition were technically very good but left some space in the back. 1st goal was going to be very important and we managed to score it thanks to Draga.
We scored the second just before half time by Joonas with a left foot half volley from outside of the box.
Game became obviously easier and we scored 3 more goals in the 2nd half from Carlo, Manu and Draga again.
5-0 final score.
Motm Joonas.

4ths drew today 2-2 at home against a mid-table opponent.
We started very well the game, playing very nice football for 20 mins and it ended up with us leading 2-0.
1st goal was a nice pass from karim to Vitalii who crossed it perfectly for Seba’s header. His first goal for FCI.
Then Vitalii scored himself a direct free-kick for the 2-0.
Seemed easy but the opponent never gave up and scored the 2-1 just before HT. Our defensive mistake not clearing the ball as we should do in a rainy afternoon on a slippery pitch in an abssa game.
Theh scored again a deflected far shot for the 2-2.
We pushed to score and win that game but despite some nice opportunities we didn’t manage to take the 3 points this time.
4ths stay unbeaten this season but we need to go back soon on the winning track.
Motm Vitalii

4ths stays unbeaten and its the positive point of the day.
We came today to take the 3 points and consolidate our 1st place but unfortunately we ended up with a fair 1-1 draw.
We were better in the first half and had 4 or 5 clear chances but we weren’t efficient so we reached the HT with a 0-0.
We took the lead with 15 minutes left thanks to Draga who enjoyed a gk mistake, managed to steal the ball from him and push it inside.
The opponent then pushed for the equalizer and got a lot of corners and freekick.
We fucked up 2 mins before the end giving them a nice freekick at the entrance of our box. Direct freekick, 1-1.
Let’s continue next weekend!
Motm JC for the 2nd weekend in a row.

4ths won 4-2 today and remains unbeaten.

Playing against the best attack of the league but also one of the worste defense we knew that a lot of goals would be scored today.
We started better and went 1-0 up after Manu followed and pushed in a shot from Draga blocked by a defender.
They equalized quite fast in a set piece. This time we helped them even more than usual by scoring a own goal.
Draga put us 2-1 up before the HT with his usual run on the left win and beating the gk.
3-1 up just after HT: corner from Fabi, header from Tiago.
3-2 with 5 mins to go after a penalty because of a hand ball on our box.
And as always, Costi sentenced the game after a counter and a nice assist from Karim.
Not the best game of the season but we fought well and were more efficient than usual.

MOTM JC for his first game in green.

4ths faced Mousses Tachent, the joint top of the league, for a first highlight game of the season. Despite a couple of absences we still were able to help other teams with players and had a strong line-up.
Fourths started strong and created a couple of chances, which we unfortunately missed. It took a great assist from Peppe and an equally great volley from Nick to take the lead.
Mousses Tachent unfortunately managed to equalise with their first chance from open play.
Second half was more level in terms of possession and chances, but Mousses Tachent took the lead through a header after another badly defended set piece. Fourths built up the pressure in the last minutes and eventually equalised with a minute to go. Who else than Costi!
Overall a solid performance. We stay joint top of the league and are still unbeaten.

4ths stay unbeaten with its 5th win in 6 games.
Not an exciting game today but a very serious one.
We started well and played high and we enjoyed one of their defensive mistake with Fabi stealing the ball from their keeper to put us 1-0 up after 20 mins.
We just controlled the rest of the game and, as always, Costi closed the game after entering. Very nice cross from Seba, Costi for the volley, 2-0.
Motm Santi

4ths continue their unbeaten run with a 1-1 result with, again, a last minute goal.
The first half ended with 0-1 for our opponent and it was a deserve score. they were just better on the ball, hungrier, more physical.
We didn’t have a great game and only a couple of opportunities. In the last one, Costi touched the post, Mihai followed and crossed the ball for Fabi’s header to lob the keeper.
It’s 1 point, and we happily take it today. Good reminder that every single game will be difficult.
Motm Matteo

12/12 for the 4ths.

Our character and our substitutes made the difference today again. It was a very level and tough game and it stayed 0-0 for a long time.
We scored 1st 10 minutes before the end with Vitalii after a nice team move.
As from this moment the referee became their 12th guy and gave us some yellows and a red card.
Plus a non-existing free-kick when the opposition came back.
1-1 with 3 minutes left.
But we never gave up and Costi who entered 15 minutes ago assisted Tiago (who also entered) for his first goal with FCI.
Amazing feeling and very important win!


MotM Matteo & Tiago

Very solid afternoon for the fourths to get their third win in a row.
It was a very defensive game with very few opportunities in the first half.
We stayed calm, organized and fought for every ball knowing that our time will come.
As often in those games, the opener came after a direct free-kick from Nick.
The game was then more open and we punished them in a counter with Vitalii to close the game.
2-0, deserved 3 points after a very good teamwork today!

Motm Nick

We still don’t know how but 4ths won their second game of the season today.

Not the best game of football but a great fight and those victories taste even better.
We conceded the first goal after a free kick but came back on the game quite quickly.
We conceded again after a free-kick (we know what to work now 😅) just before HT. 1-2.

3 minutes before the end of the game we equalized and were already happy with a point today. But just a minute after they scored and took the lead again 2-3 after a 25m shot that lobbed Christian. They had their moment of joy, making fun and laughing at us.

We didn’t give up and…the miracle happend: 3-3 at the start of the extra-time with another equalizer from Fabi.
And the winning goal at the very last second of the game from Vitalii after an assist from Manu. Karma…and a very nice start of the season for the fourths.

Motm Fabi.

We played our first game in Division 3 away against Vetuso. It was a very physical game, a fight for both teams. A few minutes before halftime we took the lead through an own goal after a corner. Vetuso equalised after half time after Nick was clearly fouled in midfield before (the ref was terrible).
Despite the equaliser we slowly took over more control of the game again, the opponent ran out of steam. Costi, just subbed in a few minutes before, converted a cross to get us the lead back. A few minutes before the end, Vitalii converted a counter. Final result FCI4 3 – 1 Vetuso. Overall great fight from the lads. Great performances all around. Costi motm.

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#2 September 24, 2022 FC Irlande Men 4 4 - 3 Report Maccabi Bxl
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#4 October 8, 2022 Germinal Csa 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 4
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#25 October 29, 2022 FC Irlande Men 4 2 - 2 Report Mousses Tachent
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#22 March 11, 2023 Los Franginos 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 4
#13 March 18, 2023 Wong AS 2 0 - 5 Report FC Irlande Men 4
#24 March 25, 2023 FC Irlande Men 4 - Wong AS 2
#23 April 1, 2023 Mousses Tachent - FC Irlande Men 4

FC Irlande Men 4

  • Coach / Captain : Thomas Steiner
  • Coach / Captain : Martin Stobbs
  • Coach / Captain : Santi Vanni
  • Coach / Captain : Roman Brenne

Top goals scorers

  • Vitali Sarin 17
  • Florin Dragastan 17
  • Fabian Figeroa 5
  • Costi Ifrim 4
  • Nick Pawley 2
  • Manu Peixoto 2
  • Joonas Sotgia 2
  • Seba Perez 2
  • Tiago Castro 2
  • Carlo Didone 2
  • Benedetto Valentini 2
  • Giuseppe Ionta 1

Top goals assists

  • Costi Ifrim 5
  • Nick Pawley 5
  • Fabian Figueroa 4
  • Vitali Sarin 4
  • Thomas Steiner 3
  • Seba Perez 3
  • Tiago Castro 3
  • Florin Dragastan 3
  • Manu Peixoto 2
  • Karim Attanjaoui 2
  • Giuseppe Ionta 2
  • Mihai Caciuc 1