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After a fantastic first game, we were all excited to continue the fine form against Neptune FC, another team relegated from the 3rd division last season.

Some changes in personnel were required for this game, with Jack , Ben, Yacine and Manu coming in to the starting lineup and Thomas playing in defense for the first time. We also welcomed back our Head Coach Yann, back from the Far East at last. Thanks also to Cesar who had agreed to help us by refereeing the match, and then for being a substitute instead.

The team started the game brilliantly, pressing the opposition at the right moments. This resulted in winning a throw in high up the pitch. Their defender flicked the throw in backwards which Juan pounced on straight away and he sprinted through and scored after only 3mins.
Following this perfect start, the opposition tried to battle it out with us and the game was a little more even for the next 20mins, during which Mihai picked up a yellow card. However, after a good through-ball from Mihai, Jose was able run through and score his first goal for the team on 25mins. Just before half time, after again winning the ball high up the pitch and a smart pass from Yacine, Juan was able to collect the ball and chip it over the on-rushing goalkeeper to make it 3-0 going into half time. A perfect first half and Juan was close to getting a burger from Thomas!

The second half commenced, with no changes in line-up for FCI4 , although the opposition changed two ineffectual players. FCI4 continued to create chances with J&J causing havoc for the opposition defenders but the Neptune goalkeeper was proving equal to all of Juan’s efforts to complete his hat-trick.
After approximately 10-15mins of the second half, Yann began to make some changes to the team with Martin replacing Ben, Costi replacing Jose and Cesar replacing Yacine. All three continued the fighting spirit of the departing players and Costi soon found himself in the right place at the right time as he powered in a shot from inside the box to make it 4-0 after 65mins. Just 3 minutes after his first goal, Costi was again in the right place at the right time. Nick and Mihai played a short corner between them and Nick had a shot from the edge of the box which came back off the post to a waiting Costi to score his second and make it 5-0 to the boys in green!

The final whistle came and everyone enjoyed another great result. Again many positives, good performances throughout the team and another clean sheet! Well done to all and now to think towards the next game against Patrons.

Result: 5-0
Goals: Juan x2, Jose x 1, Costi x 2
Assists: Mihai x1, Yacine x1
Yellow Cards: Mihai
Red Cards:
MOTM: Jose

Line Up: Jack – Mihai/Benjamin/Santi/Thomas – Nick/Benoit/Yacine – Manu – Juan/Jose
Subs: Martin for Ben, Costi for Jose, Cesar for Yacine

Start of the season. New air can be breathed in FCI4. Renewed illusions and high expectations for what is coming. And with that, a record of available players knocking at the door of the Season Debut.

This only showed one thing. Preseason is over, and we are all thrilled to start playing for points.

The contender was a relegated team, always a tough challenge. Music in the dressing room. A couple of new faces eager to do wear the oh-so-beautiful green armor for the first time. Our handsome and adorable Coach for the occasion, Martin, announces we are playing a new formation. 4-3-1-2, with Ibo as AM and in charge of connecting the team with our two superfowards, Juan and Jose. The J&J is born.

The match starts and the first 10 minutes looked really tough and mostly played on our side of the pitch. The opponent was physical and intense, and they were winning most of the aerial duels. They had a couple of corners and  free kicks that could have been dangerous, but finally well defended. But that was all they had… ten minutes. And the magic began. Benoit, Nick and Thomas got hold of the midfield. Ibo came deeper to start connecting the lines and started receiving fouls. The team got some air and started getting comfy with the game. I can say that for a team with new players, new formation and players in new positions, 10 minutes is really a good time for pieces to blend in.

And so it came. Counter attack. Long pass from the middle of the field from Jose to Juan… Juan sprints for 30 meters and wins the race to the slow defender. Controls the ball on the right part of the box. Keeper comes out… Swiiiish… Juan lobs it over the keeper and… goal. ¡Golazo papá!

The goal advantage lead to a couple of similar situations, where their defense was stubborn enough to leave 40meters on their backs, playing in line and against forwards that were faster than them. So the second goal came in the same way, Jose dribbles with space until the end of the pitch, looks backwards, and finds Juan who simply puts it in. 2-0-

It would be unfair to finish the first time without a prime mention to our Man of The Season 2017-2018. Matteo had an incredible double save in the last minute of the first half that could have changed everything. It is also fair to mention that it was the only clear chance in the whole first half for them. Good defending by the whole team.

Half time came by, but the second half started with the same trend. Boys in Green fighting strong and hard all over the pitch, outnumbering the opposition.

Manu, Yacine, Costi and Roman came in, all of them with an outstanding performance. Sometimes it is hard to jump into a match that is played with so much intensity. But all of them continued fighting and even brought new impact to the game. Such was the case that the third goal came from a pass from Manu from the right, and Costi (costi? Yes, in all of our eyes it was Costi) pushes softly the ball into the net. 3-0. Game Over.

Things were going on perfectly… until Manu got injured and had to leave the game in a demonstration of the fighting spirit the whole team was having. Even when winning 3-0 Manu sprinted to fight for a ball and crashed into a jumping opponent who brought him down to the ground. Good fight Manu and hope we can have you back with us as soon as possible!.

We were out of changes, but even with 10 men we were better than them the last 10 minutes. And so Yacine dribbles, stops in the midfield, turns around, spots Mihai, passes the ball. Mihai raises his head and plays a long ball to Juan on the left. And Juan did what Juan does. Chicky Little Bastard. Poor keeper probably had nightmares. Goal. 4-0.

Final Whistle. There were lots of positives things in the game. The concentration, the communication, the team-spirit, the blending of new players, the intensity of the gameplay. It was really important for the team to start the league with a match like this. But it is only one game. A long path is still ahead. Congratulations to everyone for the exhibition of All-Around Team Effort, and let’s focus on the next one now.


Goals: Juan x3, Costi

Assists: Jose x2, Manu, Mihai

Yellow card:

Red card:

MOTM : Juan

Lineup : Matteo – Mihai/Arne/Santiago/David – Nick/Benoit/Thomas – José/Juan

Subs: Manu for Ibo, Yacine for Nick, Costi for Jose, Roman for Arne

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FC Irlande 4ths

  • Coach / Captain : Yann Gueganic
  • Co-coaches : Thomas Steiner / Santi Vanni / Martin Stobbs
  • Field captains : Santiago Vanni / Thomas Steiner

Top goals scorers

  • Juan 5
  • Costi 3
  • Jose 1

Top goals assists

  • José 2
  • Mihai 2
  • Manu 1
  • Yacine 1