Ambiance Auderghem 2

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Vets 1 lost 0-1 to ambiance Auderghem vets in a tight game in which I think it would be fair to say we had the better chances. They made the difference on one great move from their man up top who weaves his way past a few defenders and rifled it in. The first half was very even but we really took the upper hand on the second. A few very good interventions from their keeper, a few chances on which we could have done better… end result we didnt get the goal we needed to even up the score. As always live and learn and try to do better. Bla-bla-bla bla bla

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#5 October 3, 2020 FC Irlande Vets 1 0 - 1 Report Ambiance Auderghem 2
#18 January 23, 2021 Ambiance Auderghem 2 - FC Irlande Vets 1

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