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The crew of Le Gars assembled today to perform one of the biggest heists known to the human world. The news were not in the favour this morning as ‘George Clooney’ the captain of the heist was feeling sick and needed to rest.
The weather conditions were ideal to perform the heist with sun and not too cold.
Determined the crew started playing really concentrated in the first half by controlling the game and making some quite good chances in their attempt to hijack the opponent’s vault.
Alvaro and Gaby had good chances and shots but they were unlucky. Opponents tried to score with long balls on the wings but defence was keeping strong. In one of their efforts a ball crossed the Defence, Papi tackled the ball and on the rebound they managed to shoot and scored. Despite their undeserving goal based on their appearance the crew of Le Gars didn’t back down. We pushed again and made some chances closing the first half 1-0.
Concentrated, determined but above all united they came in the second half to prove that they could perform this Heist with success.
The second half was a show with one protagonist. FC Irlande. The opponents did not manage to make a single chance on the second half and it was a matter of patience for the crew to steal the game. After some very good chances a corner was executed by Lolo the ball passed from their whole defence and Papi Chulo was there just to tap in and losing his virginity on goalscoring.
After this point, everyone in the field saw who was the best team. Continuous chances, 2 crossbars and the attacking squad of Le Gars being unlucky missing many chances for a big score. Until the point that a foul was won in the midfield. Brioche made a cross to the left side finding Hardi who with a sweet cross found Fabi who with one touch scored the 2-1 which was also the final score of the game.
The best Heist I have watched this team to perform and everyone gave their 100% and performed in their greatest standards!!!
Allez les Gars 💚💚💚

Back at home after two weeks playing away. The game didn’t start well for the Seconds as they concede the first goal after a few minutes. But we kept pushing and managed to score just before halftime thanks to a header of Matteo. 1-1. Unfortunately the boys in green were again down one goal after a lucky goal of the opponent. Final result : 1-2.

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