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Firsts knew before today that they’d have a great chance to win Abssa if they won, unfortunately it wasn’t to be, going down 0-1 to a good LTC side. Very cagey first half, they got a scrambled goal from a throw in. We had numerous chances in the 2nd half to draw or even win the game, two off the line & at least two great saves & numerous last ditch blocks kept us at bay. Lads were brilliant in the 2nd half & put in a fantastic effort, very small margins. LTC go top & we wish them well.

1sts had a 0-0 away to a very good LTC side, a good point. We did very good in defence but were very weak in attack. So, take the point and run. Game of few chances. Ricard had not a lot to do, but at the end they came more often to us, because we couldn’t hold the ball up front and they could have score in any moment. Motm Alex, and Daan good as well. James S fantastic.

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#9 November 12, 2022 Brussels Ltc 1 0 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 1
#22 March 4, 2023 FC Irlande Men 1 0 - 1 Report Brussels Ltc 1