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It was an unseasonably bright, but blustery day when FCI took on Bx Brussels last Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and the referee supported the sunglasses regulation, so FCI was off to a good start.
For the first quarter, FCI maintained a defensive posture, aiming to lock down the midfield. The play was intense and dynamic from both sides, with lots of movement coming from the back up the pitch. On a counterattack in the 30th minute, Bx managed to score off a cross from the right side of the pitch. FCI did not relent, though, and finished the first half strongly.
Things got heated in the second half, with more fouls and physical play. 2 yellow cards were issued to Bx and FCI created some chances off the free kicks and managed to tie the match with a penalty kick straight into the net by Pri. With 25 minutes to go, FCI kept up the intensity but neither team was able to secure another goal, leaving the final result a draw at 1-1. Taking home 1 point, FCI forges onward to the next victory!

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