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After the abssa gift received on monday, 4ths had a must-win game today to stay 2 points behind the top of the league.
Without 5 key players, the squad depth made the difference.
We didn’t have a good game and the opponent had the ball possession most of the game.
But the guys with normally less game time really took over today and we just all fought for every single ball knowing that the 1st goal will be key.
Draga scored a penalty that he himself won. And Vita added a second goal 5 minutes before the end of the game.
That’s pretty much all we did today but it’s more than enough to stay in the fight.
2-0 final score. Motm Ben.

Very good performance from the 4ths today and very important win against the 5th of the table. After 2 draws in a row we needed a win to stay unbeaten and in the top 3 of the league.
First 20 mins were very tough and disputed. Opposition were technically very good but left some space in the back. 1st goal was going to be very important and we managed to score it thanks to Draga.
We scored the second just before half time by Joonas with a left foot half volley from outside of the box.
Game became obviously easier and we scored 3 more goals in the 2nd half from Carlo, Manu and Draga again.
5-0 final score.
Motm Joonas.

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