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Purple rain, purple rain… it was one of these rainy days made for the seamen of Irish sheeps, that is at least what we thought when we prepared ourselves for COBRA.

A good covid mood in the locker room and a good attitude of the team offered a fine start into the game.
The first half provided opportunities on both sides of the pitch. FC Ireland 2 was focused and played through the middle,creating some shooting opportunities for Ionut.
Gabi on the left, Lolo on the right, both receiced some good deep balls by our Brioche.
A balanced game changed after 10 min in the second half where cobra, like a nasty snake, scored via a header. FC Ireland did attempt to get closer with some counter- attacks but left a hole in the midfield which has been used again by COBRA.
COBRA did outnumber FC Ireland in the box and scored.
0- 2 for COBRA.

It was an avoidable loss in light of a team which displayed not that much quality. However the team needs to admit that COBRA brought more intensity to the pitch today.
But the seamen will master these turbulent waters and will soon dock at a safe and enjoyable harbour.

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