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Vets2 – Entente racb

On a blistering cool day Vets2 had dug up beanies, buffs and long johns and were facing a tricky collection of Portuguese speaking and quite decent ballers. Game commenced and ot was even for 20 minutes, although they did have a bit too much command of midfield than we’d prefer. But then after a pinball action in our box, the ball rolled to their long haired guy who looks nothing like a footballer, he took it on the outside laces and sent an unstoppable curler in Laurent’s far corner. Dommage (on this day we are French, by World Cup ways) . Shortly after, on a corner we did well except from man marking, and they could volley it in from 5 yards. Dommage.

We did not give up, but on this day we conceded a penalty and it was 0-3 at HT.

We tried to close down midfield for second half, and found us more in control of the game. Obviously we lost a bit of the forward pressure but we had several nice moves with midfield supporting our lone striker. Towards the end we threw the kitchen sink (Luuk) and from the sideline he sent in a side spinning cross that hypnotized the goalie and it slowly rolled in. 1-3 and we kept on going. There was a lot of unorganized attacking in the end, but we did not manage to add more to the tally. But we ended the game on a high, and in Vets2 fashion two MOTM; Luuk and Neil. Now for xmas dinner.

Version 1:

Vets2 – Match 1 against Entente RACB
First half : we let the opposition controlling the game and pushing. They quickly score two goals. After a reaction (goal scored by Ken), the opposition restart to push and score again. A beautiful crossed shot from Xavier give us the occasion to finish the half time with 3 – 2
Second half was in a slower rhythm. We miss a few chances on corner. The opposition get a discutable penalty that they score. Frustrating 4 – 2 for final score.

Version 2:

Vets2 lost their first game of the season 4-2 to Entente. We conceded 2 softish goals in the first 10 minutes and then Ken scored (again!!). A silky move by their attacker meant 3-1 before Xavier scored our 2nd before half-time. In the 2nd half we pushed them hard and had a couple of good chances. They didn’t have any chances but yet managed to score their 4th from an inexisting penalty.

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