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First, we have to say it: “Caralho, what a game Dakota played”.

The hours that preceded the game against Kosova that FCI played on Saturday, 29 January, were not easy. There was an uncertain and delicate situation concerning the goalie position, but Dakota arrived to save the day, giving us an incredible performance in her first match as a goalie.

It is not an easy start to the game for FCI, with two goals conceded in the first ten minutes. The goals have a similar development. FCI’s defence tries to sweep up the ball, but it is intercepted by the opponent that, thanks to two shots from outside the box, finds its way to the goal. Even though disappointed, FCI keeps pushing, trying to get back into the game.  The best scoring opportunity of the first half comes from Sanda’s feet, taking advantage of a Kosova defence’s moment of confusion and almost finding the goal.

Back on the pitch for the second half, FCI keeps fighting. The second half is tight, with few scoring opportunities for both teams. Concerning the defensive phase, the highlight of the second half is the superb save made by Dakota, which instinctively stops the opponent’s shot with the foot. Less than ten minutes to the end, Liza takes a penalty and allows FCI to get back into the game. Naomi takes responsibility and, with the usual olympian calm, scores the goal of the 2-1 at the 84’. The match finishes with this result.

The game was even; that’s why this result left a stale aftertaste. But a cake was waiting for us to get rid of that taste and celebrate Teresa’s birthday (thanks Dakota, you were really the hero of the day).

Despite all the players missing, FCI left the pitch with excellent performance and the feeling that a better result was possible. However, all the disappointment is left behind. As every week, we will come to the training ready to prepare for the tough month of February ahead of us.

Antonio’s special addition: all attacking players played cleverly. Sanda, Béa, Liza, and Amina ran in the space between the central defenders and the fullbacks. That’s how we can create danger, using the speed of our wingers. And we did just that in several occasions, using the long balls launched by Eva and Naomi.

On Sunday, 16 October, FC Irlande Ladies III faced on the home pitch FC Kosova Schaerbeek.

In the first phases of the first half, FCI had great chances to take the lead. The first was a good shot made by Alice from outside the box, and the second was an excellent opportunity for Eva, who, alone in front of the door but quite defiladed, did not manage to score. But as the wise say: “Gol mangiato, gol subito” (Goal eaten, goal conceded); and at the 25’, Kosova scored a goal following a corner. At the end of the first half, Eva was elbowed in the face and blacked out for a few long moments, but she was ready to get back on the pitch at the beginning of the second half.

The second half was intense and demanding. A lot of running and fights on the wings gave some corners but no goals. The opponents were paying particular attention to Eva. Vigorously stopped, she found herself again on the grass, this time with nothing serious, just complaining about the treatment. FCI did not concede any other goal. A magic trick of Olatz on the goal line and a crossbar gave us some shivers down our spine. The match ends 1-0 for Kosova.

At the end of the match, many disappointed faces were around, especially Sophie’s (see pictures as a reference). Indeed, we have arrived at a point of the season when we really can smell a victory, but it seems to slip through our fingers. Antonio’s cursing on the bench makes us understand what a great opportunity today’s match was.

Ready to work and train (corners and throw-ins), we head for the following games to fight for the three points (or at least to do our best).

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