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Catching the tail end of Storm Eunice, arguably one of the worst storms to hit the country in the last 30 years, FCI Ladies III set out to Nivelles, on a dark, cold, and extremely wet and windy February night. Ranking in the middle of the table, and neck-in-neck with a cluster of other teams, every point counts at this stage, and we were eager to get 3. Having beaten RCS Nivellois 3-2 at home in October we knew we were capable, but we also knew they’d be hungry for revenge. The first half of the match was goal-less for both sides. It was a tight battle, made even more challenging by the adverse weather conditions, the slipperiness of the ball, the unpredictability of the ball due to the wind and mud, the less than lovely nature of the opponents (they will not be in the running for any fair-play awards any time soon), and the referee’s seemingly obsession with the throw-ins needing to be accurately placed to the​millimetre. The second half saw three goals however, all of which happened within 15 minutes of each other. Nivelles were the first to score, at the 73rd minute. 10 minutes later we were awarded a penalty after Captain Francesca was fouled in the box. The legend that is Sarah K, as cool as a cucumber proclaimed: “Girls, I’ve got this”, and expertly slotted the ball into the bottom left corner, making us equalise.
Unfortunately, disaster struck just 3 minutes later, and with only 4 minutes to go before the end of the match. Nivelles scored their second goal, and we were not able to recuperate in time. The 3 points went to them, but we definitely deserved a point. Such is football.
Further disappointment then ensued post-match. The cake promised to us by Mathias did not materialise. Somehow our resident Belgian had confused the word ‘tartines’ with cakes, and the buvette tuna sandwiches, although welcome, did not live up to the expectations of a post-match dessert.
Next week we face White Star, who are 2nd in the league. 
Score: RCS Nivellois A (2 – 1) FC Irlande III
Squad: Aicha, Angela, Beatrice, Chloe, Elena, Francesca, Mariana, Marilena, Rebecca, Sandra, Sarah, Sarah K, Sophie and Thea (+ Marianne, délégué extraordinaire, and coach Mathias).

The match started with a very good pace, with both teams fighting hard for the ball. Slowly fc irlande started controlling the midfield, with some great skills shown from all our players. This team- play was rewarded by our first goal, when Fransesca broke free on the right and made a wonderful pass to Juliette who was in perfect position to make it 1-0. Fc Irlande kept up the pressure and was soon rewarded with a free kick, which was brilliantly converted by Dara. 2-0 for our ladies! We finished the first half with another goal from Dara.

The second half was very rough, with many fouls made by our opponent. The constant pressure of Nivellois led to their first goal. The second goal of Nivellois was scored by a penalty, a highly debatable decision, but we kept defending resolutely to hold on for the win!3-2 Final score! A well deserved win for our ladies in green!


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#8 October 23, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R.C.S. Nivellois
# February 19, 2022 R.C.S. Nivellois 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3

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